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North Penn Area 12

Fact Sheet: July 1995


The parties potentially responsible for the contamination problems at the North Penn Area 12 Site are providing either carbon filtration systems or public water connections to nine area residences with contaminated well water. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region III (EPA) discovered the contamination after sampling 63 homes around the North Penn Area 12 Site in January 1995. The potentially responsible parties also will sample 30 additional homes to see if they are affected by contamination from the site.

The potentially responsible parties are providing carbon filtration systems to seven of the nine affected residents. The carbon filter will trap contaminants and keep them from being passed along in the tap water. Under a previous site action, the potentially responsible parties had supplied several residents with carbon filtration systems. The systems have proved very effective at removing contamination from the tap water. The other two affected residents, located along Valley Forge Road, will be connected to the nearby public water supply line.

EPA detected TCE (trichloroethylene) above the Maximum Contaminant Levels during the January 1995 sampling. The Maximum Contaminant Level is the highest amount of a contaminant allowed to be present in water delivered to public water users. EPA suggested that the affected residents use bottled water until the contamination problem could be solved.


If you have any questions about the North Penn Area 12 Site, please contact:

Remedial Project Manager
Patrick McManus
(215) 814-3198

Community Involvement Coordinator
Richard Kuhn
(215) 814-3063

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