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Resin Disposal

Superfund Fact Sheet - May 1996


The purpose of this Superfund fact sheet is to inform interested citizens about the remedial activities occurring at the Resin Disposal Superfund Site.


The Resin Disposal Site is located near Stilley Avenue and Old Route 837 in Jef- ferson Borough, Allegheny County, PA. The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) placed the site on the National Priorities List in September of 1983. Since then, EPA has conducted numerous Superfund activities involving the site. These include: investigating the nature and extent of contamination; deciding on a clean-up remedy; and constructing part of the chosen remedy.

The chosen remedy called for upgrading the oil/water separator; installing a cap on the landfill; upgrading the lower landfill dike to increase stability; installing drainage controls and a fence; and placing deed restrictions on the property. This fact sheet discusses the landfill cap system.


In an earlier phase of this project, EPA identified Hercules, Inc. (Hercules) as the party responsible for the contamination of the Resin Disposal Site. Hercules is leading the performance of the remedial activities at the site and has hired ERM-Enviro Clean, Inc. of Allegheny County, to construct the chosen remedy. Preliminary work at the site began on May 6, 1996. The purpose of this work is to:

The soil used in the cap is environmentally clean soil obtained from an off-site source. The soil is tested prior to transport to the site.

Full-scale remediation of the site will resume the week of May 13, 1996. These activities focus on constructing the landfill cap and the drainage system around the landfill.

The landfill cap will include the following components:

This type of cap has been proven extremely successful at other sites in the nation where buried contamination is a problem. The cap system is designed to prevent water from reaching the underlying waste, and thereby greatly reduces the amount of contamination leaking from the site.

The installation of the cap is presently scheduled to be completed by September 1996, depending upon weather conditions and other factors. Phase two activities for the site involve the continued sampling of on-site and off-site ground water for a 30-year period to ensure contaminants are not leaving the site. EPA and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection will continue oversight of the remedial activities at the site.

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