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Novak Sanitary Landfill

1650 Arch Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103-2029
Phone - 215/814-5100 Fax - 215/814-5102

EPA Environmental News
March 2001

Construction Progress

This project will cap and upgrade the landfill, making the site safe and modern. This landfill is no longer open, and it will stay closed. Over the last year, workers:

The project team is committed to finishing the work in 2001. We are confident that we will reach this goal despite the rains, rock and extra trash that we encountered.

Next Steps

This spring, workers will start trucking in clean soil needed for the cap. We are working to minimize the impact of our trucking needs, taking into account the schedules of nearby schools. A new trucking route is in place, which you can see on page two. We will also:

We need clean soil for the capping project, which we will bring in from the quarry by truck. The quarry has a new access road. Because of this, we will not have to use North Cedar Crest Road, Willow Street, or Quarry Street. The new truck route is shown below.

New truck route following Lime Kiln Road from the site to the quarry and vise versa.

The Project Team

All of us would like to thank the neighbors living near the site for their patience and cooperation during the construction. We appreciate your graciousness as we work to ensure a cleaner environment for everyone.

Construction Progress: Some Unexepected Surprises

Over the past year, we encountered rains, rock and extra trash. However, these things will not delay our goal of finishing all of the capping work in 2001. More information follows on these aspects of the construction project.

Scene at site, showing wet ground after heavy rains

Heavy Rains

Heavy summer rains slowed the site work. The southeast basin is shown on the right. This picture was taken after a September rainstorm. The basins are successfully containing storm-water runoff.

More Trash

Large amounts of trash were found near the site entrance that faces Lime Kiln Road. Historical aerial photos and prior studies during the design did not show trash in this area. More workers were brought to the project so we could better keep to the construction schedule. Because of the extra trash, workers will demolish a garage that sits atop this garbage and extend the landfill cap.

The new trash we discovered included tires. These tires were shredded, then spread on the landfill. Shredding allows more effective capping, and helps keep the cap from getting punctured.

Breaking rocks at the site with jack-hammers


Unexpected presence of bed- rock slowed construction of the storm-water basins. The basin shapes were changed to avoid more delays due to rocks. The new designs still meet all environmental requirements. On the right, an excavator breaks rocks with a jack-hammer.

For More Information

If you have questions about this work or want more information, please call one of these EPA employees:

Cesar Lee
EPA Project Manager

Lisa Brown
EPA Community Involvement Coordinator
800- 553-2509

On-Site Trailer
Army Corps of Engineers
610-530 -8631

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Region III (Brown/3HS43)
1650 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Please visit us online!
Novak Landfill Website

Public Information Files

EPA keeps public files in your community. In them you'll find information EPA used in making decisions about this site and its cleanup. These files are sometimes called an "Administrative Record" or "Information Repository". Please feel free to visit this location to review our files:

Parkland Community Library
4422 Walbert Avenue
Allentown, PA 18104

A set of these files is also available in EPA's offices. Please call ahead to schedule a visit to our Public Reading Room. We are located at: U.S. EPA Region III, 1650 Arch Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Reach the Reading Room by dialing (215) 814-3157.

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