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Perkasie TCE

Investigation Begins!

Community Update, September 2003

The Perkasie TCE assessment

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will take soil, soil-vapor and groundwater samples in Perkasie, Pennsylvania. Due to past industrial activities in the area, EPA is testing primarily for trichloroethylene (TCE). The testing will help find out:

What you may notice

Workers will be taking notes, photographs and samples. They may be wearing protective gear, such as coveralls, hardhats, gloves, and breathing masks.


Work will last two to four days. When the sample collection is finished, and the data from the samples is complete, EPA will hold a public information session with the community to:

What is TCE, and how can people be affected by it

TCE is:

TCE can enter the body by:

Long-term exposure to TCE may cause liver and kidney damage, damage to the immune system, and possible birth defects.


Example of Geoprobe soil sampling. (Click to enlarge photo.)

Truck mounted Geoprobe

Truck mounted Geoprobe (direct push) rig is preparing to collect samples. This is an example of the type of equipment you might see during this assessment. (Click to enlarge photo.)

For More Information

If you have questions about this project, please contact

On-Scene Coordinator
Richard Rupert

Community Involvement Coordinator
Trish Taylor

If you have health-related questions about TCE, please contact

ATSDR Regional Representative
Bucky Walters
Or visit the website: www.atsdr.cdc.govClick here to read the "Exit EPA Website" Disclaimer

Yahoo Map of General Area

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