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Greenwood Chemical

Under oversight by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), contractors are continuing cleanup work at the Greenwood Chemical Superfund Site located in Newtown, Albemarle County, Virginia. EPA prepared this fact sheet to update community members on the progress of cleanup activities at the site.

Contract Awarded for Groundwater Treatment Operation

In July 1998, USACE awarded a contract to Norair Engineering Corporation (Norair) of Landover, Maryland, to construct the groundwater and surface water treatment system at the site. Next, Norair will submit a work plan and schedule to EPA for constructing the treatment system. Once EPA approves the final work plan, Norair will begin constructing the groundwater treatment system. At that time, EPA will hold a public information meeting to provide the community with information and schedules regarding the construction work. EPA expects construction to begin in October 1998 and take approximately 12 to 14 months to complete.

Water treatment processDuring operation, the groundwater treatment system will treat both contaminated groundwater pumped from site wells and contaminated surface water pumped from two onsite ponds. The pumped water will be treated to remove contaminants, sampled to ensure cleanup levels are met, and then discharged to a nearby stream. Contaminants will be treated using a three step treatment process. The process consists of neutralizing the contaminants, treating them using ultra-violet oxidation, and collecting the contaminants in a carbon filter (see diagram below). EPA will sample residential wells on two occasions prior to the start of the pump and treat operation to ensure that local wells are not affected by site contaminants.

Deep Soil Study Complete

Earlier this year contractors completed field work for the deep soil Focused Feasibility Study (FFS). This work was delayed due to the need to gather more data and collect additional deep soil samples. Contractors submitted a draft FFS Report to EPA in May 1998 and are currently revising this report based on EPA's comments. EPA expects the final FFS Report in October 1998. EPA will use information gathered during the FFS to evaluate cleanup methods for the deep soils. Once cleanup methods are evaluated, EPA will issue a Proposed Remedial Action Plan outlining the best cleanup options for the site. EPA will also hold a public meeting and solicit input from the community on the recommended cleanup actions. EPA anticipates issuing the Proposed Plan for deep soils in early 1999.

Contacting the Cleanup Team

If you have any questions regarding cleanup work at the Greenwood Chemical Site, you may contact one of the project officials listed below. If you call EPA's (800) number, please indicate that your call is regarding the Greenwood Chemical Site. EPA will continue to produce community update fact sheets as work at the site progresses.

Community Involvement Coordinator
Richard Kuhn
(215) 814-3063

Phil Rotstein (3HS23)
EPA Remedial Project Manager
(215) 814-3232

EPA Has Moved!
This summer, EPA moved the Region III offices to a new location. Although EPA's (800) number is unchanged, EPA personnel have new phone numbers. EPA's news address is: U.S. EPA Region III 1650 Arch Street Philadelphia, PA 19103-2029

Site Information Files

EPA's local information repository contains all site-related documents and is available for public review during normal business hours at the location below.

Crozet Branch Library
Route 240
Crozet, VA 22932
(804) 823-4050

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