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Potomac Yard

EPA invites public comment on the engineering evaluation/cost analysis for the Potomac Yard Site.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released an Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis (EE/CA) to address contamination at the Potomac Yard Site in Alexandria, Virginia. The EE/CA analyzes removal actions available to address the drainage outfalls from the North Yard, North Yard Tail, and Potomac Greens areas of the Site. These outfalls are the pathways by which contaminants could travel from the Site into two local waterways, Four Mile Run and the Potomac River. The EE/CA outlines five actions and highlights recommended actions to address the movement of contaminants from the Site.

EPA evaluated the following five actions for each of the three areas at the Site: No Action; Temporary Sediment Controls (i.e., silt fence, check dam, rip rap); Sediment Removal from Ditches and Pipes; Regrading Ditches and Closing Outfalls (eliminating the use of existing outfalls); and Regrading Ditches and Rerouting Stormwater (continued use of outfalls)

The EE/CA recommends the following actions:

EPA will hold a public comment period on the EE/CA. Representatives from EPA will address comments on the EE/CA and the recommended actions. Before selecting a final removal action, EPA will consider all comments submitted in writing during the comment period. No public meeting is planned at this time. If EPA receives a substantial number of requests for a public meeting, then representatives from EPA will arrange a meeting.


July 25, 1996 to August 24, 1996

Submit written comments, postmarked by August 24, 1996, to one of the EPA officials below.

Information Files

The local information file contains all site-related documents used by EPA to develop the recommended actions described above as well as other Site activities. The information file can be found at any of the three following locations.

Alexandria Library
Burke Branch
4701 Seminary Road
Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria Library
Barrett Branch
717 Queen Street
Alexandria, Virginia

Arlington County Library
Aurora Hills Branch
735 18th Street South
Alexandria, Virginia

EPA Contacts

For more Site information, to submit written comments, or request a public meeting, please contact:

Lisa Brown (3HW43)
U.S. EPA Region III
Community Involvement Coordinator
1650 Arch St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2029
800-553-2509 or 215-814-5528

Jeff Dodd (3HW32)
U.S. EPA Region III
On-Scene Coordinator
401 Methodist Building
Wheeling, WV 26003

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