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Area Wide Drinking Water Optimization Program for States

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Optimization Assessment Software | Long-Term Trend Software
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EPA’s Area Wide Optimization Program (AWOP) helps states prioritize their technical assistance resources. AWOP tracks the performance of water systems to show which are in most need of help and also provides tools for systems to optimize their treatment to go beyond regulatory requirements.

Area Wide Optimization Program Tools for Surface Water Systems

All filtered surface water suppliers should consider using these tools to:

PDF Version of Software About PDF

Optimization Assessment Software (Microsoft Excel) (Version Turb-opt36filtersV4)

This Microsoft Excel program allows filtered surface water suppliers to enter turbidity information and assess the performance of sedimentation processes, individual filters, and the combined filter effluent. The software will also calculate annual averages for each of those parameters, as well as 95th percentile values and percent of values meeting optimization goals. The software will generate simple, yet meaningful graphs and tables so you may compare filter plant performance to the goals.

To download:

You should also open and print the instructions:
PDF (14 pp, 643K, About PDF) or Microsoft Word

Long-Term Trend Software (Microsoft Excel) or (PDF) (2 pp, 24K, About PDF)

The Long-Term Trend Software allows pasting of three years of data, to generate tables of 95th percentiles and percent of values meeting goals for settled and filtered water. It also graphs these trends over three years. This is a Microsoft Excel program.

To download:

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Implementing AWOPs through the Capacity Development and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Programs (PDF) (4 pp, 486K, About PDF)

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