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Click on the map to view information about individual clean water and drinking water projects in the Mid-Atlantic States.

The amounts reflect the most recent state quaterly reporting information June 30, 2010. For nonpoint source projects, the map shows the location of the borrower, but not necessarily the location of individual project(s).

Currently, EPA awards funding through the State Revolving Fund to the states. (There are two programs: the Clean Water State Revolving Fund and the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund.) The states then make loans to communities at interest rates that are below the market rate. When accepting Federal SRF grants, states must provide 20% matching funds. As payments are made on loans, funds are recycled to fund other projects.

Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) - In the 1987 amendments to the Clean Water Act (CWA) Congress established the Clean Water State Revolving Fund program through which EPA shifted the method of municipal financial assistance from grants to loans. The District of Columbia received an exemption from establishing an SRF and receives its share of available funding as direct grants for facility construction. The Clean Water State Revolving Fund also provided additional flexibility for the funding of other water quality projects related to abatement of nonpoint source pollution and implementation of estuary plans.

Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) - After demonstrating success through the implementation of the Clean Water SRF program, Congress authorized a similar program for drinking water facilities as part of the 1996 SDWA Amendments. Prior to establishment of the Drinking Water SRF program, EPA had not provided financial assistance for the construction of drinking water infrastructure.

Special Appropriation Act Projects (SAAP) - Recognizing the special needs of certain communities, Congress may include directed funding as part of EPA's annual appropriation. If your community has been identified for such grant assistance, additional information on submitting your financial assistance application is available at Grants & Funding in the Mid-Atlantic States.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act) - was signed into law on February 17th, 2009. The Recovery Act provides additional CWSRF and DWSRF funding in the amount of $4 Billion and $2 Billion, respectively. Of these amounts, EPA Region 3 manages $430 million in CWSRF, $172 million in DWSRF, and $4.3 million in water quality planning eligible under CWA 604(b). These funds have been awarded to the states of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia, and the District of Columbia as shown in the table below.

The Recovery Act required states to provide additional subsidization in the form of principle forgiveness, negative interest rates, or grants. The Recovery Act also required that 20% of the funds are to be used for projects to address water or energy efficiency improvements, green infrastructure to manage stormwater, and other environmentally innovative activities, collectively referred to as the Green Project Reserve (GPR).

View more ARRA funded projects in the Mid-Atlantic Region, made possible by the Clean Water State Revolving Fund, the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund and the DDOE Clean Water ARRA Fund.

District of Columbia (PDF) 1pg, 243K | Delaware (PDF) 8pg, 1.8M | Maryland (PDF) 5pg, 1.7M | Pennsylvania (PDF) 5pg, 490K | Virginia (PDF) 9pg, 1.8M | West Virginia (PDF) 5pg, 869K
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American Recovery Act Funding for the Mid Atlantic Region
State *CWSRF DWSRF **604(b)
Delaware $19,239,100 $19,500,000 $194,300
District of Columbia $19,239,100 $19,500,000 $194,300
Maryland $94,784,600 $26,832,000 $957,400
Pennsylvania $176,912,530 $44,006,270 $1,567,800
Virginia $80,203,300 $20,761,000 $810,000
West Virginia $61,092,100 $19,500,000 $617,100
Total $432,231,630 $130,599,270 $4,340,900
*without 604(b) funds
**604(b) = 1% of CW funds
Last updated: June 30, 2010

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