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Can we afford the $500 billion dollars needed to maintain our aging water infrastructure?
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The infrastructure of our drinking water and wastewater systems is aging, particularly in our older cities where some system components are over 100 years old and are nearing the end of their useful life. There is a gap in the money needed to maintain our aging drinking water and wastewater systems and what is currently available. Nationally the gap is estimated at over $500 billion.

Visit the WaterSense water efficiency program for tips on how to conserve water in your own home.

Sustainable Infrastructure - Utility managers recognize that they may be able to reduce the need for capital expenditures and lower operating and maintenance costs through changes in facility management and procedures.

Financial Assistance - Using the money we have in a smarter way. EPA and other agencies and organizations are helping by providing financial assistance for water infrastructure and other tools.

Needs Surveys - Every four years since the water laws were enacted, EPA in cooperation with the states develops estimates ("needs surveys") both for Clean Watersheds and Drinking Water. These estimate the costs to construct improvements to water quality and drinking water facilities needed to meet water quality and drinking water standards.


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