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Nonpoint Source Educational Materials & Equipment

Mid-Atlantic Nonpoint Source Pollution Quick Finder

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Elementary School (PPT) (10 slides, 229K)

Middle School (PPT) (15 slides, 466K)

Urban Middle School Watershed Curriculum

One day orientation about project. Includes site walk and review. Classroom presentation of site plans and area of study and projects. History -- How does a natural watershed become an urban watershed. Trace development of neighborhood. Mill Creek to Mill Creek sewer. Use of old maps and photos.What is pollution? Point and non-point sources. How does it affect water quality and the neighborhood?

High School (PPT) (21 slides, 2MB)

Fact Sheet

Partnerships and Solutions: The Middle Atlantic Nonpoint Source Success Story (PDF) (4 pp, 653K, About PDF)

Tip Cards

Print these out double-sided, then cut down the middle to make 2 tip cards. Also, feel free to replace "US EPA..." with your organization's information.

Nonpoint Source (Word) (2 pp, 604K)

Agricultural (Word) (2 pp, 825K)

Resource Extraction (Word) (2 pp, 413K)

Urban Stormwater (Word) (2 pp, 470K)

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