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Corrective Action is the term the RCRA Program uses to describe the investigation and cleanup of facilities that manage hazardous wastes. Links to key aspects of the program are located in the menu below.

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EPA has finalized and published two new technical guides that address the vapor intrusion pathway: one for general use and the other specific to petroleum vapor intrusion at leaking underground storage tank sites. Both technical guides can be accessed at EPA’s vapor intrusion web site.

EPA - PA DEP Joint Environmental Covenant template [PDF, 285 KB, 6 pages, About PDF] Model environmental covenant template developed by EPA and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for RCRA Corrective Action Sites.

Success stories from the VA DEQ RCRA CA program (September 2014) Click here to read the "Exit EPA Website" Disclaimer Five success stories from the Virginia Deptartment of Environmental Quality which works together with the US EPA to implemenent the RCRA Corrective Action Program throughout Virignia.

RCRA Corrective Action Lean Website Now Available (May 2014) A new website for RCRA Corrective Action Six Sigma Lean Efforts is now available. This OSWER site contains the streamlined RCRA Facility Investigation (RFI) , which was the first process selected under the LEAN efficiency improvement effort led by Region 3 and Region 7.

Corrective Action Case Studies Report (April 2013) [PDF, 1051 KB,32 pages, About PDF] This report provides an overview of RCRA program, benefits of hazardous waste cleanup, cleanup sites and statistics , and case studies of ongoing cleanups.

EPA- OSWER Checklist for Chemical Products covered under RCRA Hazardous Waste (April 2013) [PDF, 1532 KB,14 pages, About PDF] This memorandum provides EPA regions and states a checklist designed to assist in evaluating the regulatory status under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) hazardous waste management regulations of materials that would, under usual circumstances, be considered products. Under the RCRA regulations these materials are termed Commercial Chemical Products (CCP).

EPA has released final guidance on Planning, Implementing, Maintaining, and Enforcing Institutional Controls (PIME) and also on preparing Institutional Control Implementation and Assurance Plans (ICIAPs) at contaminated sites .

Sunoco Philadelphia Refinery Prospective Purchaser Agreement to Become Effective -- EPA proposed a Prospective Purchaser Agreement (PPA) for the Sunoco property located in Philadelphia, PA for Public Comment on August 24, 2012. The thirty-day public comment period was published in the Federal Register, The Philadelphia Inquirer and on the EPA Region III website. The public comment period closed on September 24, 2012 and no comments were received. As such, the PPA will become effective as published.

Lifetime Health Advisories for Drinking Water Contaminants and Potential impacts on State Cleanup Levels -[PDF, 921 KB, 2 pages, About PDF] Letter to Region 3 State Directors Regarding New EPA Office of Water Policy - (This letter corrects January 10, 2012 letter to Region 3 State Directors.)

Interactive Map of Unused RCRA sites – To facilitate the reuse of non-operating RCRA sites, this new map shows the location and total size of unused RCRA facilities and includes links to fact sheets.

Greener Cleanups - A new EPA web resource focusing on initiatives related to achieving greener cleanups, including lessons learned, success stories, current developments, and upcoming events.



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