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Region 3 eCycling Final Report

National Information

The Final Report on the Mid-Atlantic States Electronics Recycling Pilot Project

This Final Report presents the results of the 14-month Pilot in which government and the electronics industry collaborated to try to find a sustainable way to remove end-of-life computers and televisions from the municipal waste stream in the Mid-Atlantic States. Here is more information about the Region 3 eCycling Pilot.

eCycling Report

[For ease of navigation, please note that you can jump to the various sections of the report from the Table of Contents and that the document is bookmarked for your convenience. All of these files are in Portable Document Format (PDF) [About PDF]:

Report plus Appendices (167 pp., 16.2 MB)

Report Only (44 pp., 7.21 MB)

Executive Summary (3 pp., 1.24 MB)

Appendix A - Table 4.1: eCycling Events Detailed Information (6 pp., 6.93 MB)

Appendix B - Project Partners (10 pp., 1.22 MB)

Appendix C - Regulatory Flexibility Documents (20 pp., 12.2 MB)

Appendix D - eCycling Data Collection Form (87 pp., 11.1 MB)

Appendix E - Local Government Survey (6 pp., 11.1 MB)

Appendix F - Map of eCycling Collection Locations (4 pp., 11.1 MB)

Appendix G - Drop-Off Locations in the State of Delaware (4 pp., 11.0 MB)

Appendix H - Utility Bill Stuffer from Baltimore Gas and Electric (4 pp., 10.8 MB)

Appendix I - User Guide to the eCycling Database (57 pp., 10.7 MB)

Please direct any questions or comments about the eCycling program to Claudette Reed at reed.claudette@epa.gov

Region 3 The Mid-Atlantic States

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