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State Requirements for Electronics Retailers and Recyclers

District of Columbia

Does not have specific regulations pertaining to the disposal of electronic equipment.


A recycler who accumulates and disassembles used electronics equipment would require a Resource Recovery permit in order to operate in Delaware.
A retailer in Delaware would not require a Resource Recovery Permit if they are only collecting used electronic equipment for short periods of time prior to shipment to an approved transporter, transfer facility, or electronics recycler.  If the retailer’s intent is to accumulate and store electronics for a long period of time, a permit may be required.  Call 302-739-9403 to discuss details. The Delaware code provides information on this issue.


Retailers:  A retailer may not sell or offer for sale to any person in the state a new covered electronic device
manufactured by a manufacturer that has not registered and paid the required registration fee to the Maryland Department of the Environment. Electronics manufacturers, as part of their takeback programs, may contract directly with retailers to recycle their electronic products.

Recyclers:  No requirements under Maryland Statewide Electronics Recycling Program law.  However, other permits may be required, depending on a recycler's processes.  Contact MDE's Permitting and Customer Services Center at (410) 537-3772 or (800) 633-6101, extension 3772.  Electronics manufacturers, as part of their takeback programs, may contract directly with recyclers to recycle their electronic products.

For further details, please visit the eCycling in MD Web page.


Retailers:  Pennsylvania does not have retailer requirements for electronics recycling.

Recyclers:  Pennsylvania requires electronics recyclers to obtain a beneficial use permit.


Virginia has a Cathode Ray Tube Law and has developed interim recommendations on electronics waste management.  The pertinent information on electronics recycling requirements in Virginia are located at the following sites:

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