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Mid-Atlantic Land and Chemicals

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The Mid Atlantic Land & Chemicals Division administers environmental statutes that protect our air, water and land environments, as well as the public's right-to-know about hazardous chemicals in their community. It protects the air from asbestos emissions and water and land from inefficient hazardous waste practices; conserves energy and natural resources through recycling and recovery; protects the public from pesticide misuse or contaminants; protects children from the hazards of lead-based paint and other environmental contaminants; and regulates underground storage tanks containing petroleum or hazardous substances.


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  Major Programs

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RCRA Land Cleanup

Land Cleanup (RCRA)

RCRA Program
Land Cleanup
Land & Chemical Enforcement
Materials Management

Materials Management

Materials Management Program
Solid Waste Program
Chemicals & Toxics

Chemicals & Toxics

Chemicals  and Toxics Program
Chemicals and Toxics

Partners & Contacts

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Region 3 The Mid-Atlantic States

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