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About the Lead Pre-renovation Rule

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It is strongly recommended that you refer to the handbook entitled The Lead-Based Paint Pre-Renovation Education Rule for more detailed requirements and sample forms. [Adobe Acrobat PDF file] 


Q: What is the Lead-Based Paint Pre-Renovation Education Rule?

A: The Pre-Renovation Education Rule (also referred to as "Section 406(b)") is a rule that took effect on June 1, 1999.  The Pre-Renovation Rule requires renovators and contractors who are going to perform work on pre-1978 residential buildings to provide the “Protect Your Family” pamphlet to the owner and occupants before renovation starts.  For work in multi-family housing, the renovator must provide renovation notices to the tenants.

Q: When Does the Pre-Renovation Rule Apply?

A: The Pre-Renovation Rule applies when:

Q: In what situations does the Pre-Renovation Rule NOT Apply?

A: The Pre-Renovation Rule does not apply to: 

Region 3 The Mid-Atlantic States

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