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State Lead Requirements

Each State has its own requirements which property owners in their State must meet, in addition to the federal Lead Disclosure Rule requirements.


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West Virginia

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Delaware’s Office of Lead Poisoning Prevention (OLPP) coordinates a comprehensive statewide lead poisoning prevention program. Primary care providers are required by law to order blood-lead screening for children at or around 12 months of age, and for any child up to 72 months of age who may be at risk. 

       The OLPP is responsible for

The OLPP administrative office is in Dover, the state capital. Care coordination is provided through two satellite offices. The Northern Health Services Office provides services to a primarily urban area, including the city of Wilmington, Southern Health Services serves Delaware’s two southern counties, which are largely rural and suburban. 

       Quick Facts about Delaware’s Program

Delaware regulations governing lead-based hazards became effective August 11, 1998. 

       For additional information you may contact:

Thom May, Chief
Health Systems Protection Section
Delaware Health and Social Services
Division of Public Health
Jesse Cooper Building
417 Federal Street, 2nd Floor
Dover, DE 19903
Telephone: (302) 744-4546
e-mail: thom.may@state.de.us

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As of April 9, 1997, the District of Columbia received Congressional approval to enact the legislation to:

       Final Regulations were published as of January 2, 1998. 

Gian Cossa
Compliance and Enforcement Branch Chief
Lead Accreditation, Certification, and Permitting Program
District of Columbia Department of the Environment
1200 1st Street, NE 5th Floor
Washington, DC 20002
Telephone: (202) 654-6005
e-mail: gian.cossa@dc.gov

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In 1988 Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) promulgated regulations that established work standards for lead abatement projects in residential property and day-care centers. July 1993 House Bill 306 was signed into law and required individuals who engage in lead paint abatement services to be accredited by the Department of the Environment (MDE). On February 24, 1996, regulations were promulgated that require: 

In addition, in July 1994 House Bill 760 was signed into law with the goal of reducing childhood lead poisoning, preserving affordable rental housing and to provide liability relief to rental property owners meeting basic risk reduction standards. Owners of pre - 1950 rental dwellings must register all affected  properties with MDE and pay a $10 per unit fee annually.  At turnover properties must pass a dust test or perform certain risk reduction treatments. A modified standard must be met in response to a notice of defective paint or notice that a child under six or a pregnant woman in the unit has an elevated blood lead. 

Paula T. Montgomery, Chief
Lead Compliance and Accreditation Division
Waste Management Administration
Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
1800 Washington Boulevard, Suite 630
Baltimore, MD 21230
Telephone: (410)-537-3942
e-mail: pmontgomery@mde.state.md.us

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House Bill 1335 was signed into law (ACT 44 of 1995) by Governor Ridge on July 6, 1995. This bill requires individuals who engage in lead-based paint activities to be certified. It also requires all profit-generating lead training programs that have the responsibility of training persons engaged in lead-based paint activities to be accredited by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. On November 8, 1997, Lead Occupation Accreditation and Certification Regulations were proposed and the final regulations became effective November 8, 1997. The regulations are: 

Christina Slaybaugh, Administrator
Certification, Accreditation, and Licensing Division
Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry
651 Boas Street, Room 1623
Harrisburg, PA 17121
Telephone: (717)-772-3396
Fax: (717)-705-0196
e-mail: RA-LI-CAL-VM@pa.gov
PA Lead Hotline: 1-800-440-LEAD

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The Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation administers regulations which: 

The current regulations apply to target housing (constructed before 1978), public and commercial buildings and  superstructures. Licenses are required for lead contractors, workers, supervisors, inspector, risk assessors and  planner/project designers. 

In addition, the Virginia Safety and Health Codes Board adopted the Lead Notification Regulation VR 425-03-185, effective June 26, 1997. This rule requires all certified lead contractors who engage in lead abatement projects in Virginia with a contract value of $2,000 or more to notify the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry at least 20 days prior to commence any work
and to pay a permit fee with each notification. The rule exempts some lead abatement projects in certain residential building from payment of the fee, but notification requirements would still apply. 

Jill Richardson
Regulatory Board Administrator
Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation
Board for Asbestos, Lead, and Home Inspectors
9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 400
Richmond, VA 23233
Telephone: (804)-367-2567
e-mail: jill.richardson@dpor.virginia.gov

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As of August 27, 1997, West Virginia has not been successful in getting lead legislation passed. However, since the 1997 legislative session, there has been a renewed interest in the proposed WV Bureau for Public Health's Lead Licensure Law from state legislators. 

Three months ago it appeared impossible for West Virginia to pass the Lead Licensure Law and to receive authorization to run the lead abatement program by August 1998. However, today with some luck and a lot of help from EPA Region 3 we feel that this goal can be achieved within the established time. 

Anthony Turner. R.S., Chief
Lead and Indoor Air Programs
Office of Environmental Health Services
Radiation, Toxics and Indoor Air Division
Capitol and Washington Streets
1 Davis Square, Suite 200
Charleston, West Virginia 25301-1798
Telephone: 304-558-6716
Fax 304-558-1289

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