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What Tenants Should Know

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If your rental property was built before 1978, the Disclosure Rule requires your landlord to provide you with information about lead-based paint.  Before signing your lease, you should be given the opportunity to inspect the apartment or house.  If you entered into your lease on or after December 6, 1996, or renewed your lease after that date, then your landlord should have provided you with a disclosure form.  Landlords who owned five or more rental units in 1996 were required to meet the disclosure requirements starting on September 6, 1996.  In addition, your landlord should have given you the pamphlet “Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home.”  If a lead inspection was ever performed at your rental property, the landlord should also have listed that information on the disclosure form.  On or before the time you signed your lease, the landlord should have given to you the pamphlet, the disclosure form and the inspection report along with your lease. If any lead inspection test was performed, the landlord should have provided you with a copy of the report. 


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