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2008 Maryland Pesticide Producing Establishment Reports Received


Establishment #
Establishment Name
Sub Date
000257-MD-001 Cello Professional Products 2/9/2009 MD
000279-MD-001 FMC Corp. 2/27/2009 MD
000577-MD-001 The Sherwin Williams Co. 2/20/2009 MD
004139-MD-001 Meherrin Habor View 2/17/2009 MD
005813-MD-002 Clorox Prod Mfg Co - Aberdeen Plt MD
006218-MD-002 Summit Chemical Co. 1/14/2009 MD
007138-MD-008 SSC, Inc.-Queen Anne's County Svc 1/12/2009 MD
007138-MD-010 SSC, Inc.-Rising Sun Svc 2/25/2009 MD
007138-MD-011 Southern States Coop, Inc - Preston Service 1/2/2009 MD
008999-MD-001 Aquarium Products-Div.Of The Aquarium 2/28/2009 MD
009279-MD-001 Texas Gulf Ind., Inc. 1/30/2009 MD
011800-MD-001 UAP Distribution, Inc. 1/22/2009 MD
011800-MD-002 UAP Distribution, Inc. 1/22/2009 MD
012228-MD-001 Daycon Products Company, Inc. 2/5/2009 MD
025561-MD-001 Maryland Chemical Company, Inc. 2/4/2009 MD
034700-MD-001 W. R. Grace (Curtis Bay Plant) 2/26/2009 MD
035255-MD-001 Kleen-Rite Corp. 2/10/2009 MD
035390-MD-002 Southern States Hampstead Cooperative Inc 2/6/2009 MD
036118-MD-001 Amato Industries, Inc./Amchlor (Cb) 1/23/2009 MD
036213-MD-001 Case-Mason Filling, Inc. 2/27/2009 MD
037615-MD-001 Chemspec, Inc. 2/25/2009 MD
042048-MD-001 Celeste Ind Corp 2/27/2009 MD
043465-MD-001 Yonar Laboratories, Inc. 2/13/2009 MD
045907-MD-001 Martin's Elevator, Inc. 2/19/2009 MD
045915-MD-001 Warfield Brothers 2/19/2009 MD
047330-MD-001 Southern States Taneytown Coop., Inc. 1/8/2009 MD
047691-MD-001 Paramount Feed & Supply, Inc. 1/21/2009 MD
048956-MD-002 Kent Cooperative Inc. 2/17/2009 MD
049642-MD-001 J. David Mullinix & Sons, Inc. 1/21/2009 MD
050080-MD-001 Tricon Chemical Corp 2/20/2009 MD
050253-MD-001 Southern States Frederick Coop. 1/20/2009 MD
050253-MD-002 Southern States Frederick Coop. Woodsboro Branch 1/5/2009 MD
050963-MD-001 Clipp Agri-Seeds 2/4/2009 MD
051731-MD-001 Tasco Water Works, Inc. 1/27/2009 MD
051896-MD-003 Crop Production Services 2/27/2009 MD
051896-MD-004 Crop Production Services 2/27/2009 MD
051896-MD-005 Crop Production Services 2/27/2009 MD
051896-MD-006 Crop Production Services 2/27/2009 MD
051896-MD-008 Crop Production Services 2/27/2009 MD
051896-MD-009 Crop Production Services 2/27/2009 MD
052675-MD-001 Water Chemical Service, Inc. 2/17/2009 MD
053870-MD-001 Eddie Mercer Agri-Services, Inc. 2/20/2009 MD
055567-MD-001 Adell Plastics, Inc. 2/19/2009 MD
058503-MD-001 GEA Process Engineering Inc. 2/27/2009 MD
059426-MD-001 Tidewater Supply Co. 1/23/2009 MD
059808-MD-001 Blind Industries & Services of Md 1/23/2009 MD
063082-MD-001 J.A.G. Industries, Inc. MD
063902-MD-001 The Farmers And Planters Company, Inc. 2/28/2009 MD
065390-MD-001 Mid-Atlantic Plumbing & Water Treatment 2/12/2009 MD
065787-MD-001 Alcavis Intl Inc. MD
066902-MD-001 Farm & Home Service 2/17/2009 MD
068380-MD-001 Transflo Term Services Inc. 2/17/2009 MD
068431-MD-001 Intercoastal Trading Incorporated 2/24/2009 MD
068566-MD-001 Chemco Inc. MD
068849-MD-001 Tilley Chemical Co. 1/22/2009 MD
069529-MD-001 Shipside Marine 1/28/2009 MD
070293-MD-001 Trident Enterprises DBA Deerbusters 2/17/2009 MD
072453-MD-001 New Dawn Mfg Co 2/5/2009 MD
073516-MD-001 Aerosol And Liquid Packaging, Incorporated 2/27/2009 MD
074020-MD-001 Eastern Terminal, Llc 2/24/2009 MD
074088-MD-001 Keymar Fertilizer Inc. 2/16/2009 MD
074169-MD-001 Talbot Ag Supply Inc. 2/4/2009 MD
074234-MD-001 Intralytix, Inc. MD
074374-MD-001 Chemedge LLP T/A Cleanedge 2/24/2009 MD
074547-MD-001 Coastal Supply Co., Inc. 2/26/2009 MD
075527-MD-001 Growmark FS, Inc. 2/23/2009 MD
075527-MD-003 Growmark FS, Inc. 2/23/2009 MD
075527-MD-004 Growmark FS, Inc. 2/23/2009 MD
075527-MD-005 Growmark FS, Inc. 2/23/2009 MD
075528-MD-001 Mill of Whiteford LLC 2/28/2009 MD
075529-MD-001 Mill Of Black Horse 2/28/2009 MD
079603-MD-001 Baltimore Ind Inc. 2/17/2009 MD
082097-MD-001 Amchem.Biz 1/22/2009 MD
082253-MD-001 Caitec Corp 2/24/2009 MD
082716-MD-001 Chemstation Cheasapeake 2/4/2009 MD
082724-MD-001 Evapco, Inc. 1/15/2009 MD
082850-MD-001 MD & VA Milk Producers 1/23/2009 MD
082894-MD-001 Fabpro, Inc. 1/21/2009 MD
085051-MD-001 Four Daugthers 1/31/2009 MD
085208-MD-001 Fleischmann's Vinegar Bal MD


Region 3 The Mid-Atlantic States

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