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For more than a decade now, EPA has joined governments, communities and citizens to encourage Pollution Prevention (P2) efforts.  Pollution prevention measures can protect the environment before pollution even begins, save energy and natural resources and leave our homes, schools and workplaces cleaner and safer.  Recycling is great, but preventing pollution in the first place saves money and protects the environment.

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Pollution Prevention in Your State:

For more information on EPA’s Pollution Prevention program contact:

Mindy Lemoine
E3 Sustainability Coordinator
U. S. EPA Region 3
1650 Arch Street (3LC40)
Philadelphia, PA  19103
Telephone: (215) 814-2074
Fax: (215) 814-3114
E-mail: lemoine.mindy@epa.gov

Or go to www.epa.gov/p2

State Contacts

Robert Underwood
Division of Air and Waste Management
Telephone:  (302) 739-9403
E-mail: Robert.Underwood@state.de.us

District of Columbia

Mary Lynn Wilhere
District Department of the Environment
Telephone: (202) 535-1939
E-mail: marylynnwilhere@dc.gov


Laura Armstrong
Maryland Department of the  Environment
Telephone: (410) 537-4119
E-mail: larmstrong@mde.state.md.us


Dave Altoff
PA Department of  Environmental Protection
Telephone: (717) 783-0542
E-mail: dalthoff@state.pa.us


Sharon K. Baxter
VA Department of Environmental Quality
Telephone: (410) 698-4344
E-mail: haron.baxter@deq.virginia.gov

West Virginia

Gregory Adolfson
West Virginia Department Environmental Protection
Telephone: (304) 926-0499 (x1332)
E-mail: gregory.e.adolfson@wv.gov

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What is E3?

E3 stands for Economy, Energy, and Environment. It is a coordinated federal and local technical assistance initiative that helps communities work with their manufacturing base to provide assistance on sustainability focus areas. The E3 initiative is gaining momentum nationally by supporting manufacturing leadership through collaboration with manufacturers, utilities, state and local governments as well as other federal agencies.

EPA Region 3 has been working with VA, WVA, and PA by convening state projects teams which are progressing forward. The new and improved E3 Initiative website is now live at http://www.e3.gov which features tools and resources available, and an easy to review layout. E3 is lead by the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention.

If you have any E3 related questions, please contact:
Mindee Osno
E3 Sustainability Coordinator
Land and Chemicals Division
U. S. EPA Region 3
1650 Arch Street (3LC40)
Philadelphia, PA 19103
phone: (215) 814-2074
fax: (215) 814-3114
email: osno.mindee@epa.gov

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