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Pesticide Topics:
Questions on Pesticides?
¿Preguntas sobre pesticidas?
The National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) Pesticides Brochure


Customer Service Hotline
1-800- 438-2474

General Inquiries: 215-814-2042
Fax: 215-814-3113

Chief, Pesticides Programs & FIFRA Enforcement
Fatima El Abdaoui 215-814-2129

Topic Contact Name E-mail Address Telehone Number
Water protection from pesticides John Butler butler.john@epa.gov 215-814-2127
Registration of pesticides
Use of pesticides
Federal pesticide related grants

Minimizing pesticide

use in agriculture

John Butler butler.john@epa.gov 215-814-2127
Outreach Activities Concerning Pesticides John Butler butler.john@epa.gov 215-814-2127
Federal regulation of pesticides
John Butler butler.john@epa.gov 215-814-2127
Importation and/or exportation of pesticides Kyla Townsend-McIntyre townsend.kyla@epa.gov 215-814-2045
Federal reporting requirements for pesticide producing facilities Kyla Townsend-McIntyre
townsend.kyla@epa.gov 215-814-2045
Handling of pesticide confidential business information
Funding and oversight of state-operated pesticide programs --Pennsylvania and Virginia
John Butler
butler.john@epa.gov 215-814-2127
--District of Columbia and West Virginia
Ramon Albizu
albizu.ramon@epa.gov 215-814-5779
Angela Paez
paez.angela@epa.gov 215-814-2064
Evelyn Sorto
sorto.evelyn@epa.gov 215-814-2123


Region 3 The Mid-Atlantic States

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