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Strategic Agricultural Initiative 2008 Grant Award Notifications

Pesticide Topics:

The following projects were funded by EPA Region 3 following the Strategic Agricultural Initiative Grant Program: FY 2008 Request for Proposals.  The announcement was published under Funding Opportunity No. EPA-R3WCM-08-07.



Developing a Biological Control Program for Two-Spotted Spider Mite in Central Pennsylvania High Tunnel Vegetable Production

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

Reducing Pesticide Use
by Transitioning Tobacco & Conventional Farmers to Organic Produce

Appalachian Sustainable Development

The goals of the Strategic Agricultural Initiative grant program are to reduce the risks and use of pesticides in agricultural settings and to rapidly spread available technology and information about ways to reduce dependence on the more highly toxic pesticides.


John J. Butler
Pesticide Programs Coordinator, EPA Region 3

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Region 3
Land and Chemicals Division
Pesticides and Asbestos Programs Branch
1650 Arch Street – (3LC62)
Philadelphia, Pa. 19103-2029

Telephone:       215-814-2127
Fax:                  215-814-3113
Email:               butler.john@epa.gov


Region 3 The Mid-Atlantic States

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