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GG Connector Corporation
Langhorne , PA

Public Notice

DATE OF NOTICE: July 9, 2014

PURPOSE OF THIS NOTICE: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ) is announcing its proposed remedy that Corrective Action is complete and no further investigation or cleanup is required under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, as amended (RCRA), for the former GG Connector Corporation facility (Facility). 

FACILITY DESCRIPTION:  The GG Connector Corporation was formerly located at 9 Queen Anne Ct., Langhorne, Pennsylvania, 19047 (Facility).  The Facility is situated on approximately 2.5 acres of land and on-site structures include an 82,170 square foot former production building with attached office space, a small storage building, and a public water pumping station.  Operations at the Facility during GG Connector’s ownership composed of PC board manufacturing and electroplating including operation of a vapor degreaser. The Facility closed in 1994 and was purchased in 1995 by the Pennsbury School District for warehousing space. Based upon information in an Environmental Indicator Inspection Report, an April 2014 investigation and sampling data, EPA considers protection of human health and the environment to have been achieved and no further action necessary.

INFORMATION AVAILABILITY:  Information regarding EPA’s proposed decision is available on EPA’s website at www.epa.gov/reg3wcmd/public_notices.htm.  The Administrative Record, which contains all the information considered in EPA’s proposed decision, is available at U.S. EPA Region 3, 1650 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA. 19103.  Office hours are: Mon-Fri, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.  For additional information, contact Mr. Kevin Bilash, Project Manager, at Mail Code: 3LC30, at EPA Region 3’s address listed above; Phone: 215-814-2796; Fax: 215-814-3113, or Email: bilash.kevin@epa.gov.

COMMENT PROCESS: Persons wishing to comment on EPA’s proposed remedy must submit comments to EPA within the 30 day comment period ending August 8, 2014.  Interested persons may also request a public hearing on this proposed decision.  All comments and/or requests for a hearing must be submitted in writing via mail, fax, or email to the EPA Project Manager, Kevin Bilash, as listed above, and must be received prior to August 8, 2014.  All comments will be considered in making a final decision.

FINAL DECISION: EPA will make a final decision after considering all comments, consistent with applicable RCRA requirements and regulations.  If the decision is substantially unchanged from the one in this notice, EPA will issue a final decision and inform all persons who submitted written comments or requested notice of EPA's final determination. If the final decision is significantly different from the one proposed, EPA will issue a public notice explaining the new decision and will reopen the comment period.

GG Connector Corporation Statement of Basis [PDF, 699 KB, 8 pages, About PDF]

Region 3 The Mid-Atlantic States

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