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Please note that some of the documents are in Adobe Acrobat Format (PDF).  These files are denoted with the symbol [PDF file]: about PDFs. The forms can be saved using Adobe Reader.

RCRAInfo General Information

RCRAInfo Universe Descriptions (Revised August 2012) [PDF, 22pp, 493 KB, about pdf] will help you to understand the National reports and what Universes exist in RCRAInfo.

RCRAInfo Handler Module

The Site Identification Form (EPA Form 8700-12) is the official form for notification of generator information, Biennial Reporting, and data entry into the Handler Module.

Region 3 User’s Guide to RCRAInfo Handler Module (Revised July 2010) [PDF, 106pp, 11.5 MB, about pdf]- This document assists users with data needs and information contained within the RCRAInfo Handler module.

RCRAInfo Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement (CM&E) Module

RCRAInfo Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement (CM&E) Module Primer (May 2008) [PDF, 128pp, 7.8 MB, about pdf]assists hazardous waste inspectors, compliance specialists, and other enforcement program staff with the data needs/requirements of RCRAInfo, and with how to collect that data for entry into the database.


CM&E Data Entry Forms are used for data entry into the CM&E Module of RCRAInfo.

EPA Region 3 Forms

Evaluation-Violation Form (May 2006) [PDF, 6.10 MB, 2 pages]
Additional Violations Form (January 2008) [PDF, 169 KB, 1 page]
Enforcement Form (January 2008) [PDF, 1.55 KB, 2 pages]
Additional Technical Milestones Form [PDF, 203 KB, 1 page]
Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) Form [PDF, 60 KB, 1 page]
3007 Information Requests and Commitments Form [PDF, 1.01 MB, 2 pages]
Detailed Look [PDF, 1.69 MB, 7 pages]

State Forms

These forms contain a section to record universe/handler changes.

Evaluation-Violation Form (March 2006) [PDF, 220 KB, 2 pages]
Enforcement Form (January 2008) [PDF, 168 KB, 2 pages]
Detailed Look [PDF, 1.67 MB, 7 pages]

CM&E Codes

Version 3 Codes (May 2008) [PDF, 195 KB, 26 pages]
HQs Citation List (Revised Febraury 2012) [PDF, 3.4 MB, 571 pages]
Version 3 Crosswalks [PDF, 154 KB, 19 pages]

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RCRAInfo Permitting Module

RCRAInfo Permitting Module Primer (Version 5) (Revised March 2011) [PDF, 210pp, 25.4 MB, about pdf]- assists permit writers and other permitting staff with the data needs/requirements of the RCRAInfo database and with how to collect those data for entry into the database.

Permitting Data Entry Forms

Part A Permit Application Form (EPA Form 8700-23) is the official form to apply for a RCRA TSD Permit and to enter information into the Part A portion of the Handler Module.
RCRAInfo Single-Event Permit Data Entry Form (Version 4) [PDF, 195 KB, 3 pages] - This form should be used when a user wants to input permitting events one at a time.
RCRAInfo Multi-Event Permit Data Entry Form (Version 4) [PDF, 178 KB, 3 pages]- This form can be used when there are multiple permitting events that will be linked to the same Unit and Unit Detail.
RCRAInfo Link Permit Unit to Waste Code Data Entry Form (Version 4) [PDF, 122 KB, 1 page]- This form can be used to link waste codes to specific units.
Detailed Look (Version 4) - This document provides instructions on how to fill in the data entry forms.

Permitting Event Codes

Event Codes (Active Codes Only) (Revised March 2011) [PDF, 13pp, 330 KB, about pdf] - List limited to Version 4 Active Event Codes. This does not include Region 3 implementer-defined codes.
Nationally Required Event Codes [PDF, 39 KB, 3 pages] - List limited to Version 4 Nationally Required Event Codes.
Permitting Data Codes and Definitions (Version 4) (Revised March 2011) [PDF, 18pp, 201 KB, about pdf]

Permitting Flowcharts
(Updated to reflect V4 codes)

These flow charts represent typical events that occur during the permitting process. They show the permitting event along with the RCRAInfo event codes typically associated with the event. Your program may have more or fewer steps than those shown on the flow charts. These charts are best printed in color on 11" x 17" paper.

Operating Permit Flow Chart [PDF, 30 KB, 1 page]
Closure Flow Chart [PDF, 26 KB, 1 page]
Post-Closure Plan Flow Chart [PDF, 25 KB, 1 page]
Post-Closure Permit Flow Chart [PDF, 30 KB, 1 page]

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RCRAInfo Corrective Action Module

Corrective Action Data Entry Forms

Region 3 RCRAInfo Corrective Action Data Entry Form (Revised June 2011) [PDF, 2 pages, 201 KB, about pdf]
Region 3 RCRAInfo Addtional Areas Form (Revised June 2011) [PDF, 1 page, 201 KB, about pdf]

Corrective Action Codes

RCRAInfo Nationally Defined Codes ( Revised June 2011) [PDF, 22 pages, 274 KB, about pdf]
RCRAInfo Nationally Required Codes (Revised June 2011) [PDF, 1 page, 83 KB, about pdf]

Environmental Indicator (EI) Forms

These Environmental Indicator forms are used for EI information. Guidance on EIs and how to fill out these forms is available on this EPA website.

RCRA Corrective Action Environmental Indicator (EI) RCRAInfo Code CA725 Form [PDF, 180 KB, 2 pages]
RCRA Corrective Action Environmental Indicator (EI) RCRAInfo Code CA750 Form [PDF, 186 KB, 1 page]

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Financial Assurance Module

Financial Assurance Data Entry Form [PDF, 160 KB, 3 pages] (Revised June 2011) - This form should be used when a user wants to input financial assurance data into RCRAInfo

Financial Assurance Codes (Revised June 2011) [PDF, 321 KB, 3 pages]


Commonly Used RCRAInfo Reports

The following are instructions on how to run RCRAInfo Reports commonly used by Region 3 for data management.


Evaluations by Universe for LQG, SQG, CESQG, and TSD [PDF, 576 KB, 2 pages]
Formal Enforcement Actions [PDF, 545 KB, 2 pages]
SNCs Identified for a Specific Time Period [PDF, 512 KB, 2 pages]
LDFs Not Inspected During the Last Three Fiscal Years [PDF, 589 KB, 2 pages]
Historical Universe Counts [PDF, 530 KB, 2 pages]
Private TSDFs Not Inspected During Previous Fiscal Year [PDF, 691 KB, 2 pages]


Number of Permit Actions Issued in Fiscal Year [PDF, 3.39 MB, 11 pages]
Permits Due for Renewal [PDF, 1.24 MB, 4 pages]
Permitting GPRA Facilities Meeting Goal [PDF, 1.23 MB, 6 pages]
Permitting GPRA Facilities Not Meeting Goal [PDF, 1.34 MB, 6 pages]

Corrective Action

Corrective Action Environmental Indicator and Remedy Construction [PDF, 1.04 MB, 4 pages]
Corrective Action Environmetal Indicator Goals by Facility[PDF, 1.67 MB, 6 pages]
Corrective Action GPRA Goals by Facility[PDF, 1.792 MB, 6 pages]
Corrective Action GPRA Goals [PDF, 2.165 MB, 6 pages]

Financial Assurance

RCRAInfo Common Financial Assurance Reports [PDF, 771 KB, 17 pages] - This document contains instructions for multiple FA reports that are commonly used in EPA Region 3.

Region 3 Training Presentations

The following material are slide presentations of training that Region 3 has provided to State RCRAInfo Data Entry and Program staff.

Financial Assurance

RCRAInfo Financial Assurance Module [PDF, 11.09 MB, 92 pages]– This presentation was originally given in 2011 and has been updated in 2013. The presentation provides information on the date requirements for the RCRAInfo Financial Assurance module. It does not show how to do data entry.

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