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Region 3 RecycleMania 2009 Results

2010 Recyclemania LogoRecycleMania is Alive and Well and it is Time to Register Your School to Participate!!!

RecycleMania 2010 will proceed as scheduled through the support of multiple partners and sponsors including the Coca Cola Company.  In addition, RecycleMania is a project of the College and University Recycling Council (CURC) Exiting EPA Web site, link to disclaimer and is supported by the U.S. EPA's WasteWise Program

RecycleMania is a friendly benchmarking and competition tool that can be used by college and university recycling programs to promote waste reduction and recycling activities on their campuses.  Over the 10-week period, from Sunday, January 17, 2010 through Saturday, March 27, 2010, participating schools will be required to report recycling and trash data which will be used to rank them in categories such as the Grand Champion (combines a school’s trash and core recyclables to determine their recycling rate as a percentage of their overall waste generation), Per Capita Classic (largest combined amount of paper, cardboard, and bottles and cans per person), Waste Minimization (awarded to the school that produces the least amount of municipal solid waste, trash and recyclables, per person), Gorilla Prize (awarded to the school that recycles the highest gross tonnage of combined paper, cardboard, and bottles and cans regardless of campus population), and the Targeted Materials Categories (i.e., paper, cardboard, bottles and cans, and food waste/organics).  With each week’s reports and rankings, participating schools can determine how their program measures up against other programs, they can watch how their results fluctuate when compared to other schools and they can use that information to rally their campus communities to reduce and recycle more.

There are no new rules or rule changes for the 2010 competition.  Questions regarding the rules and/or registration process may be directed to the Helpline at helpline@recyclemaniacs.org or (843)278-7686.

For three consecutive years, EPA Region 3 has boasted the following RecycleMania accomplishments:  Number 1 State – 48 Pennsylvania participated in the 2009 competition; Number 1 EPA regional office for the number of schools participating; and at least school from every state within our Region participated in RecycleMania 2009.  During the 2009 competition, Region 3 had 98 schools compete and we are hoping to increase that total by at least 20 percent for the 2010 competition.  If you have any questions concerning the competition, what will be required of your school during the competition, and/or a list of the schools that have previously participated, please do not hesitate to contact Donna McGowan, EPA Region 3 Recycling Program Manager, at 215/814-5197 or mcgowan.donna@epa.gov.

Region 3 The Mid-Atlantic States

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