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Green Conventions and Recycle on the Go

Green Conventions

Are you looking to minimize the Environmental impact of your convention or other large event?  

EPA has highlighted the successes achieved at some conventions and other events, which is intended to assist meeting and event planners to better understand what can and has been done to make such large events more environmentally beneficial while at the same time reducing costs and wastes, and enhancing the overall public image of the event and its hosts. For more information please check out EPA New England's Green Conventions Web page.

Recycle on the Go

Would you like to be able to recycle when you are out and about—traveling, shopping, and having fun?

Through Recycle on the Go, EPA is partnering with government agencies and businesses to introduce recycling programs in places where large numbers of people gather, such as parks, stadiums, transportation hubs (for example, airports, bus and train stations, and highway rest stops), special events, and shopping centers. More information about this initiative is provided at Recycle on the Go.

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