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UST State Contacts and State Program Status

State Program Status and
Contact Information

District of Columbia





West Virginia

Region 3 UST Logo

EPA Region 3 Contact Information

EPA State Program Managers:

Delaware and Pennsylvania
Carletta Parlin
Telephone - 215 814-3380
E-mail: parlin.carletta@epa.gov

Maryland and West Virginia
Joanne Cassidy 
Telephone - 215 814-3381
E-mail: cassidy.joanne@epa.gov

District of Columbia
Tom Uybarreta
Telephone - 215-814-2953
E-mail: uybaretta.thomas@epa.gov

Karen Crumlish
Telephone - 215-814-3398
E-mail: crumlish.karen@epa.gov

Additional Contacts:  
Rick Rogers , Associate Director
Office of State Programs
Telephone - 215-814-5711
E-mail: rogers.rick@epa.gov
Carol Amend, Associate Director
Office of Land and Enforcement Branch
Telephone - 215-814-5430
E-mail: amend.carol@epa.gov
Claudette Reed
Regional Program Manager
Telephone - 215-814-2997
E-mail: reed.claudette@epa.gov
•Inspectors/Enforcement Staff
Jack Hwang, Ph.D.
LUST Corrective Action Expert
Telephone - 215-814-3387
E-mail: hwang.jack@epa.gov

Region 3 The Mid-Atlantic States

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