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Compliance Assistance Basic Information

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Compliance Assistance includes activities, tools or technical assistance which provide clear and consistent information for

  1. helping the regulated community understand and meet its obligations under environmental regulations, or
  2. compliance assistance providers to aide the regulated community in complying with environmental regulations.

Compliance Assistance may also help the regulated community find cost-effective ways to comply with regulations and/or go "beyond compliance" through the use of pollution prevention, environmental management practices and innovative technologies, thus improving their environmental performance.

For a project or activity to be categorized as compliance assistance, at least one objective must relate to achieving or advancing regulatory compliance.

Who is a Compliance Assistance provider?

A compliance assistance provider is any organization or individual that assist regulated entities comply with or understand regulatory requirements.

What counts as a Compliance Assistance activity?

Categories of Compliance Assistance activities

We have defined four broad categories of activities that are encompassed within the definition of compliance assistance and are generally consistent with how the Regions report on their compliance assistance activities in the Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS).

These four basic categories cover the key areas of any generic compliance assistance program. Program implementation and technical assistance activities can be viewed as compliance assistance as long as there is a regulatory component.


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