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Risk Management Program

National Information

EPA's Chemical Accident Prevention Provisions regulations, also known as the Risk Management Program, were created to prevent catastrophic chemical releases that may effect human health and the environment.

Submission and Deregulation

Submitting your Risk Management Plan (RMP): Facilities required to submit an RMP can find out about RMP*eSubmit

Deregistration: If your facility is no longer subject to the RMP regulations, you must send a letter to deregister your facility to the RMP Reporting Center within six months. 

Contacts: RMP Hotline 800-424-8346

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Applicability Guidance

Is your facility subject to Risk Management Program regulations?

You will need the free Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Facilities that use, produce, store, or transport more than a threshold quantity of one or more RMP listed chemicals in a process are required to develop a Risk Management Program and submit a Risk Management Plan to EPA.

Submittal Guidance

How and when to submit, resubmit, or correct your Risk Management Plan.

Your facility needs to submit a Risk Management Plan on or before the first day that an RMP listed chemical is first present above a threshold quantity in a process.

Compliance Guidance:  Documents developed to help your facility comply with the RMP regulations.

Enforcement Guidance: Enforcement and Penalty policies

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RMPs in your community

The Risk Management Program makes your community safer by asking facilities that handle large quantities of extremely hazardous chemicals to better understand their processes and how things can go wrong. When companies plan for the worst, it is less likely that the worst will happen.

For more information about RMP facilities in your community

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About the Risk Management Program in Region 5

As of August 2009:

RMP by Industry Type:

RMP by Industry pie chart:  Farm Related 45%, Food Manufacturing 15%, Other 11%, Other Manufacturing 8%, Water Treatment 7%, Chemical Manufacturing 7%, Cold Storage 5%, Petroleum Related 3%.

RMP Chemicals by Facility:

RMP Chemicals by Facility pie chart: Ammonia(anhydrous) 47%, Other Toxis 13.6%,  Other Flammables 10.4%, Chlorine 9.6%, Flammable Mixture 8.0%, Propane 4.6%, Ammonia(solution) 2.0%, Sulphur Dioxide (anhydrous) 1.9%, Butane 1.6%, Formaldehyde (solution) 1.4%


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