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Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) Support

Need help preparing an EDD?

GEOS support hotline

For further information call:

David Wilson

Regular or certified mail address: Superfund EDMAN Data Coordinator (SR-6J)
Superfund Division
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 5
Chicago, IL 60604

This site provides instructions for reporting environmental data electronically to the EPA Region 5 Superfund Division. Examples of environmental data that can be submitted electronically include data generated by site characterization and investigation, drilling and logging activities, installation of monitoring wells, and continued long-term monitoring of Superfund cleanups.

Format Change Notice: New version 3 format (EPAR5xxx_v3) is available at the Earthsoft website. At the page, click the "EPA Region 5 Format File" link to download the new EPAR5.xse file. Then copy this file over the old file located in the C:\Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS\Formats\EPAR5 directory.

Step 1: Preparing Your EDD

The links below provide information to help you prepare your Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) for submittal to EPA Region 5. The method for submitting data electronically is described in the Comprehensive Electronic Data Deliverable Specification Manual. The EDD specifications are a combination of requirements and procedures for reporting data in electronic files from the beginning of the site investigation process through the long-term site monitoring.

Standard Data Submittal Information for most data submittals to the GEOS Data Coordinator.

Basic Data Submittal Information for older-historic data submittals to the GEOS Data Coordinator, when some information about data collected in the past may not be available. Data providers should contact Region 5 Data Coordinator before using the "Basic Electronic Data Deliverable Specification" data format.

Step 2: Data Validation/Quality Assurance of EDD

The Electronic Data Processor (EDP) has been made available to data providers in order to check their EDD files prior to submittal to EPA Region 5. The EDP is available for download, and is used to check EDD files to ensure they are formatted as described in the Manual for Electronic Data and the Comprehensive Manual for Electronic Data. If the EDP detects errors, the errors will be identified and can be viewed directly within the EDP or via an on-screen error log. After the errors are corrected by the data provider, the EDP should be re-run to ensure that no errors remain. The EDD files can then be sent to EPA Region 5.

Download the EDP Exit EPA disclaimer
EDP Manual version 3.0 (PDF) (26 pp, 2.4MB) June 2013

Step 3: When You’re Ready to Submit

Upon completion of your EDDs, please send your CD Rom or floppy discs to:

E-Data Coordinator (SR-6J)
Advanced Analysis and Decision Support Section
Superfund Division
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 5
77 W Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60604

If you need assistance in preparing an EDD...

Please contact the GEOS hotline (GEOSEDDsupport@epa.gov) at (312) 353-1200.


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