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Fort Sheridan, IL

EPA RPM: Owen Thompson, (312) 886-4843 (thompson.owen@epa.gov)

State RPM: Brian Conrath, (217) 557-557-8155 (brian.conrath@epa.state.il.us)
DoD (BEC): Victor Bonilla (404) 464-6346 (bonillav@forscom.army.mil)

Navy Environmental Contact: Daniel Fleming, 847-688--5999 x-161 (flemingdm@efdsouth.navfac.navy.mil)
Army Reserve Environmental Contact: Kurt Zacharias, 612 713-3516 (kurt.zacharias@usarc-emh2.army.mil)

Official Government Links:
EPA Headquarters OSWER Web Page

Army Forces Command Atlanta Field Office, Deputy Chief of Staff, G1

Army Environmental Center GFPR Contract Information

U.S. EPA Role at Fort Sheridan:

For almost a decade, U.S. EPA participated in BRAC Cleanup Team (BCT) activities at Fort Sheridan, together with an Army DoD federal employee representative (BEC) and a State employee representative from Illinois EPA. Fort Sheridan was the first BRAC site in Region 5, and one of the first in the country, to achieve regulatory concurrence and transfer all of its surplus property (Surplus OU). U.S. EPA considers the Surplus OU portion of the Fort Sheridan cleanup a national success story.

After the BRAC surplus property transfers were completed with U.S. EPA concurrence, the agency served for a short time in an advisory and consultative role on the privatized (GFPR, or "Guaranteed Fixed-Price Remediation") cleanup of the remaining military portion of Ft. Sheridan (DoD OU), previously realigned to Naval Station Great Lakes and the Army Reserve. The realigned property includes Landfill 7 (a.k.a. Wells Ravine Landfill), which is the only Superfund National Priorities List (NPL)-caliber site on the former Army base.

On October 1, 2003, DoD terminated the resources it had been providing to U.S. EPA. Consequently, the agency no longer participates in cleanup, reuse and property transfer activities at Fort Sheridan.

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