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EPA ID# ILD021440375
Last Updated: May, 2015

Site Description

The Beloit Corporation manufacturing plant is located at 1165 Prairie Hill Road north of Rockton, Winnebago County, Illinois.  The plant is located within the boundaries of the listed National Priorities List (NPL) site known as the Beloit Corporation Superfund site. Land use within and surrounding the NPL site is a mix of residential and industrial with a population of approximately 11,000 within a one-mile radius.  The Blackhawk Acres subdivision is located east of the Beloit Corporation plant with additional residential areas to the south and northwest of the NPL site.  Industrial facilities lie to the south of the site.  West of the plant is a low lying wooded area adjacent to the Rock River. Agricultural land lies to the east of the Blackhawk Acres subdivision.  Two wastewater treatment ponds and two clarifier tanks are located on Beloit Corporation property. Large outdoor storage yard areas which hold scrap metal, pipe, and miscellaneous equipment are also located on the site.  These storage areas are partially paved with asphalt or covered with crushed stone.  A former foundry sand disposal area and a former fibrous sludge-spreading area are located south of the Beloit Corporation plant. Additional structures, identified within the NPL site boundary, are the homes and roadways that make up the Blackhawk Acres subdivision and small industrial buildings associated with Safe-T-Way and Soterion Company.

Site Responsibility

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) secured approximately $4.7 million in a bankruptcy settlement with the potentially responsible parties (PRPs).  These funds are being used to implement the remedial design/remedial action (RD/RA) at the Site.  The Site is currently in the Remedial Action phase.   The State of Illinois, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA), is implementing the Remedial Action with the funds from the bankruptcy settlement provided by U.S. EPA through a State Cooperative Agreement.

Threats and Contaminants

Soils and groundwater in the source area (under the southwest corner of the Erection Bay) are contaminated with high levels of solvents, primarily trichloroethene (TCE).  Contaminated groundwater has migrated off of the facility and has impacted private residential water wells in the Blackhawk Acres subdivision just to the east of the Site.  Potential health threats to people primarily include consumption of contaminated groundwater.

Cleanup Progress

In 1993, IEPA installed point-of-entry carbon filtration units in residences with impacted wells in the Blackhawk Acres subdivision.  In 1996, an Interim Source Control Action (ISCA) pump and treat system was installed on the Beloit property to capture and treat contaminated groundwater flow on the property and along the southwest side of the Blackhawk Acres subdivision preventing further off-property migration.  This system is monitored on a monthly basis and is currently extracting and treating approximately 8,000,000 gallons of contaminated groundwater a month.  Under the facilities-modified National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit, Beloit Corporation is discharging treated groundwater to the Rock River.

The PRP, Beloit Corporation, filed for bankruptcy (Chapter 11), causing the manufacturing activities at the site to cease.  However, a fund was set up through the bankruptcy court to finance the completion of the RD/RA activities for the site.  The Beloit Trust completed a feasibility study (FS) report which was conditionally approved by IEPA in January 2002.  IEPA is monitoring homes in the area for any signs of contamination annually.  A Record of Decision was signed in September 2004 selecting the pump and treat system as the primary remedy for the site.  The selected remedy also specified treatment of the source area (i.e., chemical oxidation in the Erection Bay area) on the Beloit Corporation property in order to minimize the overall remediation time frame, Institutional Controls to prohibit the installation of potable water wells on Beloit Corporation property, the establishment of a Groundwater Management Zone (GMZ) pursuant to Illinois Administrative Code Title 35, § 620.250 (2008) for the contaminated groundwater plumes, and monitored natural attenuation of the off-site portion of the plume until the contaminant concentrations are below groundwater standards.

Due to the findings of the remedy design investigation, treating the source areas by in-situ chemical oxidation was re-evaluated and an
Explanation of Significant Difference (ESD) was issued on September 27, 2007, modifying the remedy.  The ESD removed the requirement for in-situ chemical oxidation and required the installation of additional groundwater extraction wells supplemented with hydraulic fracturing of the surrounding soil formation.  Design activities were completed by spring 2008 and the construction of the selected remedy, which included hydraulic fracturing and expansion of the pump and treat system, was completed in September 2008.  

Ground water monitoring efforts indicate that the contaminated plume has stabilized and continued migration of contaminated groundwater off-site is no longer occurring. 

A Five-Year Review was completed September 27, 2013 which evaluated the protectiveness of the implemented remedy.  The review determined that a complete protectiveness determination could not be made until further information was obtained.  A vapor intrusion study was needed to fully evaluate the risks to on-site workers.  The review also determined that the required institutional controls need to be fully implemented for the entire site.  During the summer of 2014, IEPA conducted fieldwork to collect data to evaluate potential exposures due to vapor intrusion.  The data is currently being evaluated and a Five-Year Review addendum is expected to be completed during 2015.

Success Story

The relocation of the lubricant manufacturer to the site has documented the success of re-using the site while the operation and maintenance of the remedy is ongoing.  

Community Involvement

IEPA conducted routine meetings with interested stakeholders at the regularly scheduled Village Board meetings in Rockton during the remedy selection process and the community was formally provided an opportunity to comment on the proposed remedy.  Prior to the lubricant manufacturer relocating to the site, U.S. EPA and IEPA met frequently with company officials and government representatives from the Village of Rockton and Winnebago County.  Additionally in March 2013, the community was notified that IEPA and EPA were conducting a review of the implemented remedy.  No comments were received from the community expressing concerns regarding the protectiveness of the remedy.  In general after the construction of the remedy, there has been little to no community interest in the site beyond those residents included in the annual monitoring program. 

Property Reuse

In 2008, a manufacturer of lubricants relocated some of its distribution and field support operations to the Site and in doing so, has significantly upgraded the facility.  The remedy requires operation and maintenance of groundwater extraction wells and an air stripper until the groundwater has met the cleanup goals.


Remedial Project Manager, U.S. EPA
david seely (seely.david@epa.gov)
(312) 886-7058

Community Involvement Coordinator, U.S. EPA
cheryl allen
(312) 353-6196




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