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Congressional District # 3


EPA ID# IND048989479
Last Updated: February, 2015

Site Description

Wayne Waste Oil, a division of Wayne Reclamation and Recycling, Inc., deposited about one million gallons of oil related wastes on this 35 acre site from 1975 to 1980. During the company's period of operation, oil wastes were disposed of onsite by dumping them on surface soils, into unlined pits, and into a trench. The site contained opened, leaking drums, waste areas covered with sands, and disposal ponds. The Indiana State Board of Health investigated the facility in 1980 and found that hazardous wastes were illegally deposited; the owner was ordered to clean up the site. The area surrounding the site is used for residential, industrial, and commercial purposes. The population of Columbia City, Indiana was estimated to be 5,100 in 1988.

Site Responsibility

This site is being addressed through federal, state, and potentially responsible parties' actions.

Threats and Contaminants

Groundwater contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including benzene, trichloroethylene (TCE), vinyl chloride, and toluene. Soil contains VOCs, which could further contaminate the groundwater. The city wells, which are located beyond the northern boundary of the site, are not contaminated. All residences are connected to the municipal water supply. If migration of site-related contaminants through groundwater occurs, area residents could be exposed to these pollutants when consuming or using drinking water. To prevent unauthorized entry onto the site, a security fence has been installed around the perimeter of the site. The Blue River borders the site on the east and south. Cleanup systems will prevent site-related contaminants in groundwater and soils from migrating into the river.

Cleanup Progress

Administrative Orders of Consent in July 1986 and February 1988 resulted in the removal of more than 13,000 tons of material from the Wayne Waste site. The two removal actions involved the disposal of surface and buried drums; excavation and disposal of liquids, sludges and contaminated soils; and disposal of contents of storage tanks. A Consent Decree (CD) involving Remedial Design and Remedial Action (RD/RA) activities at the site was entered into court in July, 1992. The components of the CD, based on a March 1990 Record of Decision (ROD), included the construction and operation of a soil vapor extraction (SVE) system; construction and operation of a groundwater extraction and treatment plant; construction and maintenance of a municipal waste cap; and a site security fence. A de minimis CD involving over 800 parties and $5 million was entered in court in August 1997. Studies conducted during the RD indicated that a slurry wall around the southeast area of the site and air sparging wells inside the slurry wall would enhance the remedy, so these components were incorporated in the waste cap design. The SVE system and groundwater pump and treatment plant were completed in January 1995. Construction was completed on the landfill waste cap in June 1995. A five-year review inspection and report that was completed in June 1999 found the remedy remains protective of human health and the environment.  In 2002, the SVE system and monitoring network were modified to make the remedy more efficient. The site is currently in operation & maintenance.  A second five-year review was completed in June 2004, and found that the Site remedy remains protective of human health and the environment.  A third five year review for the Wayne Waste Oil Site was completed in March 2009, and found that the Site remedy remains protective of human health and the environment in the short term.  Continued long term protectiveness required implementing enhanced Site institutional controls, and operation & maintenance of Site property and monitoirng systems.  A fourth five-year review was completed in January 2014.  The Site was classified as Sitewide Ready for Anticipated Use (SWRAU) on Swptember 15, 2014. 


Remedial Project Manager, U.S. EPA
jeffrey gore (gore.jeffrey@epa.gov)
(312) 886-6552

Community Involvement Coordinator, U.S. EPA
janet pope
(312) 353-0628




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