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Congressional District # 03


EPA ID# WID990829475
Last Updated: March, 2012

Site Description

The nine-acre Waste Research & Reclamation (WRR) site was occupied by a roofing company from the 1970s to 1981. WRR has occupied the site since 1981. WRR is primarily a reclamation and recycling business for hazardous liquid wastes, fuel blending, and transportation of hazardous waste for incineration or disposal. Waste materials handled include chlorinated and fluorinated solvents and flammables. Approximately 160 people live within a one-mile radius of the site. A private well is located 1,500 feet from the site. 

Site Responsibility

This site was addressed through federal, state, and potentially responsible parties' actions. 

Threats and Contaminants

The groundwater, soil, and surface water are contaminated with various volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from site waste handling procedures. People who accidentally ingest or come into direct contact with contaminated materials may be at risk. 

Cleanup Progress

This site was addressed in a long-term remedial phase, focusing on cleanup of the entire site. The site was divided into six solid waste management units for investigation and cleanup purposes: drum storage sheds; trailer parking, product warehouse, and abandoned drum storage area; pole barn-cooling water discharge area and abandoned drum storage area; abandoned lagoon, existing holding tank and existing collection sump for surface water runoff; a reclamation area, known as the LUWA area, located in the central and western portions of the site; and a reclamation area, known as the Kontro area, located in the south central portions of the site. The potentially responsible parties (PRPs) for site contamination conducted an investigation into the nature and extent of groundwater, surface water, and soil contamination at the site. The investigation determined that the site should be moved from the Superfund program to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) program and deleted from the National Priorities List. In 1983, the state signed a consent order with the PRPs to implement a long-term monitoring program. After adding this site to the NPL, the United States Environmental Protection Agency performed preliminary investigations and determined that no immediate actions were required at the site while studies were taking place. These investigations determined that the site should be managed under the authority of RCRA and, therefore, the site was deleted from the NPL on February 5, 1993. 


Remedial Project Manager, U.S. EPA
gladys beard (beard.gladys@epa.gov)
(312) 886-7253

Community Involvement Coordinator, U.S. EPA
susan pastor
(312) 353-1325




Site Profile Information

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