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Environmental Auditing Program For Small Businesses

EPA compliance assistance provider outside a dry cleaner

EPA Region 2 offers FREE on-site environmental audits to businesses with 100 or fewer employees (e.g., dry cleaners, auto repair, printers, auto salvage, fleet maintenance) to assist in understanding and complying with federal environmental requirements and to improve their environmental performance by identifying best management practices and pollution prevention opportunities.  While many of the tools and materials currently available are based on specific industry types, a general on-site program is being developed to assist your business with general environmental issues (hazardous waste, water management, and air requirements). An average on-site visit can last anywhere from 1-4 hours in length, depending on the size of the facility. The assistance provider will go over basic requirements (recordkeeping, hazardous waste management) as well as provide and promote alternative technologies (if available), pollution prevention, and recycling practices.  EPA Region 2 has conducted over 500 on-site visits to date.

Please note under our Small Business Policy, the business has the option of voluntarily disclosing violations discovered during the on-site visit to EPA Region 2 and we will eliminate any penalty associated with that violation if all the conditions in the policy are met.   Over $6300 in penalties have been waived and over 4 tons of Perc waste per year have been prevented from being released into the local environment

If you are interested in receiving an on-site visit,  please contact Ron Lockwood, EPA Region 2's Small Business Coordinator, for an appointment. He can be reached by phone at 212-637-3413 or via E-mail at lockwood.ronald@epa.gov

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