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Region 2

Serving New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Eight Tribal Nations.


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Report Environmental Violations Emergencies: Report oil or chemical spills at 800-424-8802

EPA Region 2 is committed to its mission of enforcing the federal laws that protect public health and the environment. Throughout our history, we have relied on a strong, aggressive enforcement program as the centerpiece of our efforts to ensure compliance with national environmental laws. If you would like to file a complaint about possible violations, please call Region 2's Citizen Complaint Hotline at 212-637-4040 or complete EPA's online complaint form. If you would like to voluntarily self-disclose violations, please visit EPA Region 2's Compliance Incentives Website to learn about EPA's Audit Policy.

In the Spotlight

Puerto Rican BeachEPA Announces Settlement with Puerto Rico Department of Agriculture for Pesticide Misuse and Worker Protection Standard Violations

The Puerto Rico Department of Agriculture's Crop Protection Program has reached a settlement with EPA whereby they agreed to pay a civil penalty of $31,000; to use, as part of its commercial application practices, metering devices and a less toxic, registered pesticide; and to spend a minimum of $106,000 to perform what is called a supplemental environmental project, which will include training to farm workers and pesticide handlers on worker protection standards and on using pesticides in a manner consistent with their labels as well as purchasing personal protective equipment for farm workers and pesticide handlers, including disposable overalls, half face respirators, rubber boots and gloves. “EPA wants to stress that worker protection should be the utmost priority when dealing with pesticides,” said Acting Regional Administrator George Pavlou. “By entering into this agreement, we are putting others on notice that EPA is out there enforcing these requirements and that workers must be educated on and protected against potentially harmful pesticides.”

Press Release | For More Information on Pesticide Requirements


Storm water flowing across a roadEPA Orders Village of Port Chester, N.Y. to Fix the Way it Handles Stormwater

EPA has ordered the village of Port Chester, N.Y. to improve the way it handles run-off from rainwater and correct violations of the federal Clean Water Act after EPA sampling revealed high levels of two types of bacteria in village stormwater. Stormwater, which is from rainfall or melting snow, can pick up debris, chemicals, dirt and other pollutants from surfaces before it flows into a waterbody. Port Chester discharges stormwater into the Byram River, which empties into Long Island Sound. “Improper management of stormwater can have serious environmental consequences for our harbors, rivers, lakes and streams,” said EPA Acting Regional Administrator George Pavlou. “Long Island Sound is already a stressed waterbody, and run-off is one of the bigger culprits, so it’s important that EPA remains vigilant in holding accountable anyone who doesn’t handle their stormwater properly.”

Press Release| Read About EPA’s Municipal Stormwater Permitting Program | Read About Long Island Sound Study


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