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The Section 608 Refrigerant Recycling Rule was established to maximize the recovery and recycling of refrigerants during the servicing and disposal of stationary air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. This site contains fact sheets/brochures to help one understand and comply with this rule.

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What You Should Know about Refrigerants When Purchasing or Repairing a Residential A/C System or Heat Pump - This fact sheet provides information about the future availability of HCFC-22, and assists consumers in deciding what to consider when purchasing a new air conditioner or heat pump. HCFC-22, an ozone-depleting substance, has been the refrigerant of choice for residential heating and cooling systems for more than 40 years. 


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EPA Requirements

Here you will find copies of  the regulations under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act and brochures/ fact sheets to help you comply with these regulations.


Self Assessment Checklist

Free PDF reader available This checklist was developed to assist those involved in the servicing and disposal of stationary air conditioning and refrigeration equipment determine their federal regulatory compliance status. If one voluntarily discloses any violations found through the use of this checklist to us, EPA may eliminate or substantially reduce the penalties associated with these violations under our Voluntary Self-Disclosure Policies.


Enforcement Actions

Here is information about major enforcement actions  issued against those who service and dispose of industrial process refrigeration. No information is presented here about ongoing investigations. However, if you are currently involved in an investigation, you may reduce your penalty by agreeing to perform a supplemental environmental project.


Alternative Refrigerants

In 1994, EPA established the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Program to review alternatives to ozone-depleting substances like CFC-12 in regards to their ozone-depleting, global warming, flammability and toxicity characteristics. Under this program, EPA has determined that several refrigerants are acceptable for use replacements for ozone depleting refrigerants in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.


Compliance Assistance Hotline:    (212) 637- 4050

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