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Brochures and Fact Sheets Regarding Section 609 of the Clean Air Act

Qs & As about MVACs - This fact sheet provides answers questions that are frequently asked in letters and phone calls to EPA and the Ozone Protection hotline. The questions are split into those asked by consumers and auto service technicians, but all of the questions may be useful to both groups.

Just the Facts For MVACs - This fact sheet provides a brief overview of the leak repair requirements for appliances containing ozone depleting refrigerants.

Substitutes for CFC-12- This fact sheet summarizes the recent amendments made by EPA on December 30, 1997 to the regulations governing the servicing of MVACs.

Farm & Heavy-Duty Equipment - This fact sheet helps owners and servicers of farm and heavy duty equipment understand how the Clean Air Act governs the servicing of MVAC-like appliances - the term used in the Act for open-drive compressor appliances used to cool the driver's or passenger's compartment of non-road motor vehicles, such as agricultural, construction, mining or quarry equipment.

Approved Recovery/Recycling Equipment- Service Shops must certify to EPA that they own approved equipment for recovering/ recycling refrigerant from MVACs. EPA has is a list of Section 609 approved refrigerant recover/recycle and recover-only equipment. For your convenience, here is an equipment certification form. The EPA Region 2 mailing address can be found on the certification form. This is certification is a one-time requirement, so that if a shop purchased a piece of equipment in the past, and sent the certification to EPA, then the shop does not need to send a second certification to EPA when it purchases a second piece of equipment, no matter what refrigerant that equipment is designed to handle.

Technician Certification - Technicians must pass a test and be certified by an accredited testing organization before they can service MVACs. EPA maintains a list of EPA-approved organizations that can train, test, and certify technicians under section 609 of the Clean Air Act.

Recovering Refrigerant at Salvage Yards & Motor Vehicle Disposal Facilities - This fact sheet describes under what conditions automotive service technicians and motor vehicle disposal operators may recycle and resell refrigerant after it has been recovered from a motor vehicle destined for disposal.

Handling Contaminated and Unfamiliar Automotive Refrigerants - This document is designed to assist technicians in determining how to identify, recover, and dispose of any contaminated refrigerants they encounter as well as discuss what a tech should do with a substitute refrigerant that he has chosen not to work with or is unfamiliar to him.

Recycling of Refrigerant Blends - One June 1, 1998, EPA announced that it will allow recycling of refrigerant blends used in MVACs, provided that a) recycling equipment meets a new Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standard and b) refrigerant is returned to the vehicle from which it was removed.


Compliance Assistance Hotline:   (212) 637-4050

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