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Clean Boating Tips

Fuel up safelyBoats at Dock

It’s all about the gas – use fuel collars to capture splashes and drips and help reduce the introduction of gasoline into the water. Oil absorbent pads (commonly known as bilge pillows and engine pads) can be placed under your engine where drips may occur. Dispose of the pads as hazardous waste at a marina or a collection center. Finally, don’t overfill the tank – fuel expands as it warms and excess fuel will escape through the vent line.

Keep your engine healthy

Aside from keeping the engine properly tuned, there are steps you can take to improve efficiency and reduce emissions, like limiting engine operation at full throttle. You should also clean and flush the engine away from the water and fix any gasoline leaks without delay. If you are buying a new engine, look in to four-stroke marine engines, which burn cleaner and are more fuel-efficient than two-stroke engines.

Boats at Dock

Keep your boat looking good this summer. When painting or cleaning use legal bottom paints and biodegradable cleaning agents, and don’t let them enter the water. Paints, batteries, oil, oil filters and antifreeze are all recyclable. Check to see if your marina recycles fluids or if there is a hazardous waste collection center nearby.

Keep your trash on board

Don’t throw your garbage into the ocean. Trash can harm marine life. Seabirds, turtles and other animals often mistake plastic debris for food and try to eat them. This can injure or kill the animals. Take advantage of shore-side facilities once you return to land to recycle plastic, glass, metal, and paper. Check out these sites for pumpout stations in New York and New Jersey.

Chart the right course

Know the waterways you will be taking ahead of time so your boat propellers don’t damage sensitive sea floor habitats like sea grass, or injure marine animals like river otters and harbor seals.

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