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Cleanup and Disposal of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)

PCBs are mixtures of man-made chemicals that were used in hundreds of industrial and commercial applications.  They are chemically stable, have a high boiling point, are not flammable, and do not conduct electricity.  These characteristics made PCBs an ideal chemical for use in electrical equipment, such as transformers and capacitors.  PCBs were also used in hydraulic and heat transfer equipment, as plasticizers in paints, plastics and rubber products, in dyes, carbonless copy paper and other applications.  Before production stopped in 1977, more than 1.5 billion pounds of PCBs were manufactured in the United States.

Since PCBs are toxic and chemically stable in the environment, in 1976 Congress regulated PCBs through the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).  TSCA includes, among other things, prohibitions on the manufacture, processing and distribution in commerce of PCBs. 

The Federal PCB regulations can be found in Part 761 of Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations.  More specifically, Section 761.61 provides the cleanup and disposal options for PCB remediation waste. Section 761.61(a) of the regulations specifies the requirements for performing a “self-implementing” cleanup and disposal of PCB remediation waste.  Section 761.61(b) discusses “performance-based” disposal options for PCB remediation waste. Section 761.61(c) provides for disposal of PCB remediation waste (with an approval issued by EPA) in a manner that is not in accordance with either Sections 761.61 (a) or (b).  This type of approval is called a “risk-based disposal approval.”  

The remaining sections of this site allow the user to review disposal approvals previously issued by EPA Region 2.  The user can also review disposal approvals which are currently available for public comment.

Company Approval Type
Syracuse University Proposed Risk-Based PCB Cleanup and Disposal Approval for Syracuse University [PDF 5.8 MB, 9 pp]

Addendum No. 1 to the October 27, 2011 Application [PDF 875 KB, 15 pp]

Addendum No. 2 to the October 27, 2011 Application [PDF 2.2 MB, 29 pp]

Cover Letter to Addendum No. 1 [PDF 51 KB, 12 pp]

Cover Letter to Addendum No. 2 [PDF 77 KB, 2 pp]

Cover Letter to October 27, 2011 Application [PDF 54 KB, 1 pp]

Design Drawings for Classrooms [PDF 23 MB, 31 pp]

Exhibits to Addendum No. 1 [PDF 15 MB, 220 pp]

Laboratory Data Package - June 10, 2011 [PDF 16 MB, 356 pp]

Laboratory Data Package - June 23, 2011 [PDF 12 MB, 385 pp]

October 27, 2011 Application [PDF 20 MB, 221 pp]

Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring Plan [PDF 4 MB, 51 pp]

Arsynco, Inc 61 (C) (Draft) [PDF 496 KB, 12 pp]
Arthur Kill Railroad Lift Bridge 61(C) draft [PDF 312 KB, 12 pp]
BASF Corporation 61 (A) Approval [PDF 48 KB, 2 pp]
Berlex Laboratories, Inc. 61 (C) Approval [PDF 270 KB, 9 pp]
Burlington Neck, LLC 61(A) modification [PDF 54 KB, 2 pp]
Camden Redevelopment Agency 61(A)(C) approval [PDF 52 KB, 2 pp]
Con Edison 61 (C) (Draft) [PDF 54 KB, 10 pp]
Cornucopia Cruise Lines, Inc. 61 (A) (C) Approval [PDF 45 KB, 2 pp]
Encap Golf Holdings, LLC 61 (A) (C) Approval [PDF 36 KB, 1 pp]
Flushing Industrial Park 61(A)(C) approval [PDF 59 KB, 9 pp]
General Motors Corporation, Worldwide Facilities Group 61 (C) Approval [PDF 399 KB, 10 pp]
Honeywell International, Inc. 61 (A) (C) Approval [PDF 45 KB, 2 pp]
Howden Buffalo, Inc. 61 (A) (C) Approval & Modification[PDF 87 KB, 4 pp]
Liberty Harbor Holding, LLC 61(A)(C) approval [PDF 46 KB, 2 pp]
Meadowlands Sports Complex 61(A)(C) approval [PDF 48 KB, 2 pp]
New York State Department of Correctional Services 61 (A) (C) Approval [PDF 45 KB, 2 pp]
OMG Fidelity, Inc. 61 (A) (C) Approval & Modification [PDF 75 KB, 3 pp]
Roebling School 61 (A) Approval [PDF 43 KB, 2 pp]
Tarragon Development Corporation 61 (A) (C) Approval [PDF 42 KB, 2 pp]
TerraQuest, LLC. 61 (A) (C) Approval [PDF 40 KB, 2 pp]
Welder Warehouse 61 (A) (C) Approval [PDF 42 KB, 2 pp]
Weston Solutions, Inc. 61 (C) Approval [PDF 441 KB, 11 pp]
The Whitman Companies, Inc. 61 (A) Approval [PDF 27 KB, 1 pp]

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