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Disaster Response

How You Can Help

Report hazardous substance releases or oil spills
Call the National Response Center at 1-800-424-8802 if you suspect a hazardous spill has occurred in your area. Safe response to hazardous substance releases requires the expertise and training of professionals. It is important to realize that non-professionals who attempt to respond to these incidents may endanger themselves and may become part of the problem, not part of the solution. When a hazardous substance release is reported, the federal government begins established procedures for safely investigating and responding to the threat.

Volunteer to help
Immediately after a disaster, many people want to volunteer in various capacities. The most effective way to help a community's disaster recovery as a volunteer is to prepare ahead of time. Contact your local Red Cross or other disaster-response organization to receive training so you will be ready to help should an emergency occur. Be prepared to be as self-sufficient as possible so as not to place an additional burden on the affected area's resources. Finally, consider helping not only in the immediate aftermath of an event, but also during the long-term recovery.

Please visit these links for more information on volunteering:

Selling services or supplies
If you are a vendor and want to offer recovery assistance, please contact the EPA Environmental Technology Council (ETC). The ETC, working with EPA's Offices of Acquisition Management, Research and Development, and the Environmental Technology Verification Program, ensures vendors and their technologies are routed to the appropriate contact. Please call Celia Vaughn at (202) 564-1047, or email vaughn.celia@epa.gov.


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