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Interim Environmental Justice Policy


Section 1.0 Policy Overview
Section 2.0 Guidelines for Conducting Environmental Justice Analyses
Section 3.0 Environmental Justice and Permitting Guidelines
Section 4.0 Environmental Justice and Enforcement Guidelines
Section 5.0 Environmental Justice and Community Involvement Guidelines
Section 6.0 Environmental Justice and the EPA Superfund Program Guidelines
Appendix 1 Flow Chart: EPA Region 2 Process for Factoring Environmental Justice into Permit Decision-Making
Appendix 2 EPA Region 2 Community Grants Program
Appendix 3 Environmental Justice Terms and Definitions

Interim Environmental Justice Policy [PDF 511 KB, 56 pp]

This Policy is intended to improve the internal management of EPA Region 2 with respect to environmental justice. This policy shall not be construed to create any right, benefit, or trust responsibility, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or by equity by a party against EPA or any right to judicial review.



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