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Interim Environmental Justice Policy: Preface

The following current and past Region 2 Environmental Justice Work Group Members and Program Staff are deserving of special recognition for their dedication, hard work and contribution to the preparation of this Interim Policy: 

Chelsea Albucher, Walter Andrews, Kellyann Bellizaire, Shakeba Carter-Jenkins, Donna DeConstanzo, Nicoletta DiForte, Adrian Enache, Pedro Gelabert, Peter Greavatt, Henry Guzman, Muhammad Hatim, Melva J. Hayden, Carol Hemmington, Marcus Kantz, Laura Livingston, Natalie Loney, Kathleen Malone, Linda Mauel, Rudnell O'Neal, Barbara Pastalove, Vince Pitruzzello, Eric Schaaf, Naomi Shapiro, Stan Siegel, Harvey Simon, Anita Street, Daisy Suk-Yee Tang, Bilue Thomas, Derval Thomas, Linda Timander, Christine Yost, Richard Yue, Terry Wesley, Dana Williams, and Rae Zimmerman.

We would also like to acknowledge the contributions of our Environmental Careers Organization Summer Associates who assisted the Region with tasks involved in finalizing the Interim Policy: 

Adfia Bristol, Olivia Carpenter, and Jimmy Houng.

The Region conducted a peer review of the Draft Interim Policy before releasing the document for public comment. The Region used internal EPA and external peer reviewers. The peer reviewers were: Dr. Clarice Gaylord, former Director of EPA's Office of Environmental Justice, now with EPA, Region 9's San Diego Border Office; Charles Lee, former Director of Research and Environmental Justice with the United Church of Christ, and currently, an Associate Director for Policy with EPA's Office of Environmental Justice; Catherine Fox, formerly with EPA's Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assistance (OECA), and now with EPA Region 4; and Dr. Michael Gelobter, of Rutgers University's Graduate School of Public Policy and founder of the Community and University Consortium for Regional Environmental Justice (CUCREJ).

We also thank all of those who provided comments on and participated in the Draft Interim Policy Public Outreach Sessions that EPA Region 2 held from October 1999 through January 2000.  Please visit the Region 2 Community Resources web site to access our Interim Policy document, the Region's Responsiveness Summary (which contains responses to comments received on the Draft Interim Policy), and related updates on the policy.

Jeanne M. Fox
Regional Administrator
William J. Muszynski
Deputy Regional Administrator
Herbert Barrack
Assistant Regional Administrator for Policy and Management
Carl Axel-Soderberg, Director
Caribbean Environmental Protection Division
Bonnie Bellow, Director Communications Division Kathleen Callahan, Director
Division of Environmental Planning and Protection
Richard L. Caspe, Director
Emergency and Remedial Response Division
Barbara Finazzo, Director
Division of Environmental Sciences and Assessment
Walter Mugdan
Regional Counsel
George Pavlou, Director
Division of Enforcement and Compliance Assistance

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