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R2 EMS Policy

USEPA Region 2 Environmental Management System Policy

On April 21, 2000, Executive Order (EO) 13148,. "Greeningthe Government Through Leadership in
Environmental Management," was issued by the Office of the President. This Order established goals and
requirements for Federal agencies to improve environmental performance through management systems
and an emphasis on pollution prevention.

As one of his first orders of business, President Obama issued Executive Order 13514, reaffirming the need
to promote environmental stewardship that was initiated under E.G. 13148 and ensuring that environmental
management systems would continue to be incorporated into the strategic goals of all Federal Agencies
tiirough calendar year 2015.

Inspired by President Obama's leadership, we pledge to reinvigorate Region 2's EMS programs not only to
safeguard the environment, but also to promote environmental stewardship by establishing EMS programs
for all Region 2 Facilities. We are excited at the prospect of being the first federal agency to devise and
implement an EMS in the Caribbean and pledge to assist and support the Caribbean Environmental
Protection Division in this undertaking.

As noted in our original EPA Environmental Management System Implementation Policy, the Region 2
will continually strive to meet the following goals of the EMS:

In addition to our annual reviews on environmental goals and adherence to this policy, we invite interested
parties to provide us with input that will improve our efforts to promote environmental stewardship.



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