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Recovery Funding to Assess and Clean Up Brownfields

Putting people to work to clean up our land and revitalize communities

EPA’s Brownfields program is a program that has changed the way contaminated property is perceived, addressed and managed in Region 2. The Brownfields program encourages redevelopment of abandoned and contaminated waste sites littered throughout community after community. The program has a proven track record in attracting private investment and creating jobs.

Since the beginning of EPA’s Brownfields program in 1995, more than $63 million has been provided to Region 2 communities to assess, clean up and return land to productive uses. Since 1995, EPA's Brownfields assistance in Region 2 has created 3,725 jobs in cleanup, construction, and redevelopment.

In 2008 alone, EPA provided over $5 million for Brownfields programs to New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and some of that funding has helped provide training for approximately 265 workers to learn skills that translate to well-paying jobs in locations such as East Harlem and Brooklyn, NY, and Newark, NJ.

The Recovery Act will direct $100 million nationwide to continue the important work of assessing and cleaning properties, redeveloping neighborhoods, training professionals and creating skilled jobs. This grant money will be allocated to projects based on a competitive review of project proposals. This Web site will be updated to provide the latest available information on any assessment, cleanup or job training grants awarded for Brownfield cleanup work in Region 2.

Recovery Act Brownfields Clean Up Projects Where You Live


Explore these links to learn how to find out about Brownfields funding that is available, and how and when to apply for Brownfields grants under the Recovery Act:

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