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Recovery Act Funding To Clean Up Underground Storage Tank Leaks

Putting people to work to clean up our land and protect our groundwater

Neighborhoods are often plagued by contamination from leaking underground storage tanks (LUSTs). Contamination seeps underground – tainting soil and water sources. Often, facilities are abandoned or under state enforcement orders for clean up by unwilling owners.

In Region 2, over 50,000 underground storage tanks store petroleum or hazardous substances that can harm the environment and human health if they released their stored contents. Last year, 671 releases were reported from USTs in Region 2. Today, about 7,147 cleanups are waiting to be completed in Region 2.

Last year, Region 2 received UST Trust Fund grants of about $4.2 million and completed 671 cleanups.

The Recovery Act sends much needed federal dollars to assess and clean up underground storage tank leaks. Infusion of critically needed dollars - over 3.5 times the typical annual funding for Region 2 - will help speed recovery and investment in many of our communities while working to clean up LUST sites.

Recovery Act Underground Storage Tanks Projects Where You Live


Explore this link to learn more about LUST Recovery Act money for assessing and cleaning up underground storage tank leaks:

To learn more about general underground storage tanks issues in Region 2, see:

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