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Reading Room

The Reading Room is Region 2's section for FOIA Reading material. The following sections are intended to disclose Region 2's FOIA information in a simple and organized manner.

Frequently Requested Information

If you are searching for information that has been previously disclosed, or information that you believe may be publicly available, please visit this section.

Final Opinions

EPA Office of Administrative Law Judges conducts hearings and render decisions between the EPA and persons, businesses, government entities, and other organizations which are or are alleged to be regulated under environmental laws. Links to these proceedings, decisions, appealled decisions, and opinions from involved parties can be found here.

Statements of Policy and Interpretation

This section takes you to non-binding guidance documents produced by EPA Headquarters program and enforcement offices. Each program office issues its own guidance documents and, often, additional materials including fact sheets and papers that may be of interest to the public.

Administrative Staff Manuals and Instructions

These sections are to provide you with instructions and manuals that help you understand what EPA procedures and instructions are to be followed.


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