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Web-based Mapping Tools

Interactive tools for mapping and data analysis are becoming more sophisticated, and easier to use all the time.This page provides a sampling of tools to explore data from EPA, other federal agencies, state agencies, non-profit groups and academia.

Click to visit EnviroMapper(US EPA) and MyEnvironment (US EPA) - EnviroMapper and MyEnvironment map several types of environmental information, including drinking water, toxic and air releases, hazardous waste, water discharge permits, and Superfund sites. Links to text reports provide even more information.? EnviroMapper and MyEnvironment provide users with interactive GIS functionality using EPA geospatial data for all of the United States. They allows users to view these data from the national level down to community level, and provides standard mapping functionality, including display, zoom, pan, and feature identification.

--NYS Digital Orthophotography Interactive Mapping Gateway (New York State GIS Clearinghouse) Exit EPA Disclaimer - Within this application, general maps can be generated as well as detailed maps of individual neighborhoods using digital orthophotography (aerial photographs) of locations throughout New York State. Users have the option of saving the resulting maps as a graphic for use in other applications, or to download files for use in GIS. The project features additional GIS capabilities allowing users to retrieve new information and generate analytical maps.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation LogoNYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) Interactive Maps Exit EPA Disclaimer

--New York City Open Accessible Space Information System Cooperative (OASIS)Exit EPA Disclaimer provides a one-stop, interactive mapping resource to enhance the stewardship of open space for the benefit of all New York City residents.?
Mapping Westchester County Exit EPA Disclaimer

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Interactifve Mapping -- New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection interactive mapping applications include NJ-Geoweb, i-MapNJ DEP, i-MapNJ Geology, i-MapNJ NJEMS (New Jersey Environmental Management System)Exit EPA Disclaimer

Puerto Rico Interactivo (Espagnol)The Puerto Rico Planning Board interactive mapping applications include an environmental evaluation (Evaluación Ambiental), and independent municipality (Municipios Autónomos) viewer. Exit EPA Disclaimer

National Atlas of the United States(USGS) An interactive Map Maker allows you to select and display a variety of map layers for the entire United States. Exit EPA Disclaimer

The US Census Bureau's interactive mapping tool, American Fact Finder: is a data dissemination tool for accessing and mapping Census 2000 and other census data.
FEMA Flood MappingThe Federal Emergency Management Agency web-based hazards mapping utility allows users to view flood, earthquake and other natural hazard data within the United States.

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