P2 Auto Repair/Service Sector

Pollution Prevention Toolkits for the Auto Repair and Fleet Maintenance Industries (1999. free) - These toolkits developed by EPA Region 9 include a set of fact sheets demonstrating proven, cost-effective strategies for vehicle repair operations to reduce costs, reduce liability, and improve environmental performance and worker health and safety.  The accompanying videos - Profit through Prevention - shows how shops are reducing waste and saving money by implementing these best practices.

The Finishing Line: Q&A on Low VOC Compliant Coatings for Auto Body Shops (1999. $2)  - This brochure provides information for autobody shops on applying low VOC paints. To order call 617-367-8558 or email neppr@tiac.net Exit EPA disclaimer

Waste Oil Regulations: A Quick Guide for Auto Repair Shops (1998. free) - This guide was developed by the Northeast Waste Management Official's Association and covers waste/used oil regulations and pollution prevention options. To order call 617-367-8558 or email neppr@tiac.net. Exit EPA disclaimer

EPA Region 2's Auto Repair/Service Compliance Assistance Web site - This site provides links to compliance assistance tools available for the auto repair industry. Although the purpose of these documents is to increase the understanding of environmental regulations affecting service stations, they do contain some pollution prevention information. 

Pollution Prevention in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Sector - This site provides fact sheets on choosing and using alternatives to CFC-12 in motor vehicle air conditioners

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