P2 Greening the Government

Technical Resources

EPA Region 2's Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Web site - This site provides links to available resources, case studies and programs/projects to help you incorporate environmental considerations into your purchasing decisions.

The Joint Services Pollution Prevention Technical Library Exit EPA disclaimer - This library is maintained by the Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center (NFESC), and contains information on pollution prevention technologies, management practices, equipment and publications. The library reflects the input and cooperation of DLA, the Air Force, Marines, Army, and Navy, and is comprised of four elements: 1) the Joint Service P2 Opportunity Handbook, 2) the P2 Equipment Book 3) the Environmental Product Catalog and 4) the Joint Group on P2.

EPA Federal Facility Pollution Prevention Planning Guide  (1994. free) - helps federal agencies prepare facility pollution prevention plans under E.O. 12856, outlines steps to follow in developing plans, and provides lists of contacts.

Pollution Prevention and the Clean Air Act: Benefits and Opportunities for Federal Facilities, Volumes I and II. (1996.free) - Volume I provides federal facility managers with an understanding of programs established under the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 and outlines opportunities for using pollution prevention to achieve compliance. Volume II, provides more specific information to environmental managers on how to utilize P2 approaches to comply with Clean Air Act requirements for cleaning, degreasing, painting and depainting processes at federal facilities. There is no electronic version of these manuals. To obtain a copy, call the Federal Facilities Enforcement Office at (202) 564-2510. The call numbers for the manual are EPA 300-B-96-009A and 009B.

DENIX  Exit EPA disclaimer- The Defense Environmental Network and Information eXchange (DENIX) facilitates the exchange of information and ideas between DOD environmental, safety, health, and fire professionals and promotes partnerships with Federal, State, International and Native American communities. Anyone may access the public menu, however, a user authentication is required to access the DOD, State, and International Menus. To obtain a login and password, fill out the online user registration form on the DENIX home page, call (217) 373-6790 or e-mail dnxmgr@www.denix.osd.mil for an application.

Statutes, Regulations, Policies & Executive Orders that promote Pollution Prevention - This site contains links to the executive orders that require federal agencies to implement pollution prevention opportunities at their facilities



The Comprehensive Procurement Guideline (CPG) Program - is part of EPA's continuing effort to promote the use of materials recovered from solid waste. Buying recycled-content products ensures that the materials collected in recycling programs will be used again in the manufacture of new products. The CPG program is authorized by Congress under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and Executive Order 13101. EPA is required to designate products that are or can be made with recovered materials and to recommend practices for buying these products. Once a product is designated, federal agencies must purchase it with the highest recovered material content level practicable.

EPA Region 2's Federal Facilities Program - ensures that all federal agencies reach a level of compliance with environmental requirements that equal and surpass the rest of the regulated community. To accomplish this goal, the program uses a variety of compliance assistance, pollution prevention and enforcement tools. 

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) is a federal wide program that encourages and assists Executive Agencies to purchase environmentally preferable products and services. For information on EPA Region 2' s involvement in this program, please call Ricahrd Yue at (212) 637-3424 or via email at yue.richard@epa.gov.

Waste Reduction Evaluations at Federal Sites (WREAFS) - The WREAFS program is a collaborative research and technical transfer initiative between EPA and numerous federal agencies. The program is specifically intended to identify and exploit pollution prevention opportunities at federal facilities. The key components of the program involve performing pollution prevention assessments, conducting pollution prevention research and demonstration projects, and providing for technology and information transfer. Additional information on the WREAFS program can be obtained by contacting EPA's National Risk Management Research Facility at (513) 569-7783.

Office of the Federal Environmental Executive  - This mission of this office is to advocate, coordinate, and assist environmental efforts of the Federal community in waste prevention, recycling, the affirmative procurement of guideline items and the acquisition of recycled and environmentally preferable products and services.

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