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Region 2

Serving New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Eight Tribal Nations.

Pool and Spas


  • Lower pool temperature and check the water temperature regularly.
  • Install a thermal pool and/or spa cover when facility is not in use.
  • Close outdoor pools and spas in winter.
  • Use timers on pool and spa heaters so that they turn off after hours.
  • Set HVAC system to a lower temperature in pool area when not in use.
  • Clean skimmer and pump strainers frequently.
  • Reduce the recirculation pump time.
  • Perform manufacturer's suggested preventive maintenance for equipment.
  • Install a high-efficiency pool pump that is not oversized for its needs.
  • Replace older, inefficient heating units and/or install a solar pool heating system.


  • Lower water levels to reduce loss of water through splashing.
  • Install an efficient water filter.
  • Use reflective pool covers.

Indoor Air Quality

  • Ensure lids are on chemical containers tightly.
  • Isolate chemical storage away from pool.

Toxics Reduction

  • Replace chlorine with less harmful chemicals such as saline.

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